Full Moon Friday

"Cold hearted orb that rules the night,
Removes the colors from our sight,
Red is gray and yellow white,
But we decide which is right.
And which is an illusion?"

-From lyrics to "The Day Begins" by the Moody Blues

There's a full moon rising tonight.  How I love full moons!  In fact, tonight is actually a "blue moon" (that's what the second full moon is called when two occur within a calendar month).  In honor of the occasion, I decided to list some of my favorite full moon memories for Five on Friday this week (feel free to join me if you like)...

1.  As a child on Halloween, keeping an eye on that huge orange-lit moon in the sky, believing I just might see the silhouette of a witch riding by on a broom!

2.  Standing at a crossroads witnessing practitioners of the dark arts, robes flowing around them, bonfire burning, chalice lifted high.  Pale full moon sailing across the sky, eerie sounds in the night.   Intense, powerful, unsettling.

3.  Many years ago, a few days spent with a friend who was a federal employee at Yellowstone National Park.  He lived in a wonderful old house within the park.  We sat on rocking chairs on the front porch watching the full moon slowly rising, huge and beautiful above the hulking black shadows of the mountain tops... breathtaking!

4.  A week spent with Papa Bear at Port Aransas on the Gulf two years ago in late September. The crowds were long gone, the weather was cool and rainy. We walked hand in hand on the beach, waves lapping at our feet, as the full moon rose over the water. The single moment in  my life when I felt most connected to the universe.

5.  Every month out on our deck, soaking in the warm waters of the hot tub, hydrojets turned off.  Listening to crickets and coyotes, seeing the entire back acreage lit up from the brightness of the moon.  Sharing the beauty with Papa Bear.  Peace soaking thru every pore. That's where we will be tonight.

There won't be another blue moon until 2015, Spend a little time tonight gazing at the moon. When you look up, remember... this is something we all share, no matter where we are. We are all connected, we are children of the moon.


  1. This is an awesome post! I must say however, #2 is creepy...not a favourite of mine! I love the moon and especially a full moon. A blue moon is the absolute ultimate. Full moons are wonderful for me, though I know others may disagree. I love the Moody Blues, too.
    Enjoy your Blue Moon, and make sure the water in the Tub is hot so you don't get one! ;)

    1. A fellow full moon aficionado! I think they are wonderful too, though I sincerely do believe that they somehow foster extreme behavior in some folks. LOL at the blue moon in the hot-tub... one full moon per night is viewing enough! :-))

  2. Thanks for a beautiful post on moons and blue moons. I liked it.


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