Five Things I'm Thankful For This Week

I haven't done a Five on Friday list for awhile, and today seemed like a good day for one.  Here's five things I'm thankful for this week...

1)  Cooler weather... beautiful mornings in the 70's instead of the high 90's! It's been such a miserably hot summer, and the break from it has been wonderful.  We've even had a few light rain showers, such a rare and much needed blessing!

2)  A lighter work load than usual.  Our two attorney's have an unprecedented number of hearings this month, and it's been a mad scramble to prepare for them. This past week things have settled down a bit, leaving time to breathe and even check in online now and then.  I am used to going non-stop all day long, so the change of pace was a nice break.

3) A headset for my work phone... at last!  I type a lot of notes and intake information while talking to clients on the telephone.  Until now this was done while attempting to cradle the phone between my ear and shoulder, leaving me with a definite kink in the works by the end of day. The new wireless headset is beyond great! I can scan at the copier or walk down the hall while still  answering the constantly ringing  phone, and both hands are now free for the keyboard!  I'm wearing it in the above photo :-)

4) Fun phone and text visits with my son and daughter. They are doing so great in their lives, and nothing makes a mother's heart more glad or gives me more peace of mind. My daughter is tentatively planning to have a house built, my son has engaged in a sideline financial venture with a friend who is breeding albino snakes to sell. I am glad this isn't happening at his house, I would never go to visit!  :-)

5) I am most thankful of all for my beloved Papa Bear, who sticks with me thru good times and bad, who is so very caring, and so forgiving of my sometimes grumpy demeanor.  I love that he takes time to text me love notes during the day!

Five bonus blessings that cannot be discounted come in the shape of our five furkids.  Yes, they require a bit of work and care; and yes, our house is a bit furry because of their presence; but they add so much love and laughter with their affection and antics! One can never over-estimate the benefits of having a beloved pet or two... or five!

Did you have five blessings in your week to count and share?  I'll bet you do if you spend a little time thinking about it!  Wishing you all a great weekend coming up, I'm intending to make it a productive one!


  1. What a nice post! Great minds think alike, because I wrote some poetry along this theme. Life is so stressful, hectic, with so much beyond our control. It is good to take time to be thankful, too.
    Thanks for sharing & reminding us to be thankful.

    1. That's right, Annie! I tend to get wrapped up in the struggle and forget the things in life that are so good. The weather and office issues may seem insignificant but they certainly add to my comfort and energy levels, and of course Papa Bear, my kids, and my furkids are the light in my life, a constant, that makes life meaningful!

  2. ahhh I loved it when I clicked on your post in my dashboard went to plug the laptop in and your page loaded and here was your beautiful smiling face!!! The other blessing was this nice posts of your thankfulness it is a good list and very pretty picture of you it made me smile BIG!!! Have a super weekend and enjoy the cool weather.

    1. Thanks Janice! Smiling at work, not always easy, the new headset definitely makes me smile! It will be hot by this afternoon, but just having cooler mornings starts the day off on a better note. Fall is coming... in a month or two in these parts, this is a nice taste of what it will bring! Thinking of you, sending prayers!


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