My Baby is Thirty-Three

That sweet little boy up there... that's my son Ian at two years old!  He's celebrating his thirty-third birthday today!   Wow, I can still remember when I was that age!  Now I really I feel old!  I remember well walking along the banks of the Danube River in Germany when I was pregnant with him.  He was born at the military hospital in Augsburg there.  Since he was born C-section I had an appointment for his birth day, I thought that was pretty cool!  I was awake for his delivery and I can remember his first deep-voiced cry so well!  I swear he smiled at the pretty nurse when we were leaving (taking after his Dad right from the start! :-) 

His given name is William Ian.  His Dad insisted on that, since it's his name, and his father's name as well, though they all have different middle names.  I agreed as long as we called him by his middle name, which is what he grew up with.  He joined the military when he graduated from high school, so then became William officially, and now goes by Will, except with family.  But he will always be Ian to me, and he will always be my baby, even if he's now thirty-three.  Kids grow up too darned fast!

From the time he was very small, Ian's idea of a great afternoon was going to the nearby airport to watch planes take off and land.  Now he's doing his dream job... landing planes and helicopters as an air traffic controller, first for the Air Force and now for the Dept. of Defense.  He loves it!

Ian has a beautiful home that he bought near Nashville. He's not married yet, though I fuss at him about wanting some grandkids.  He promises me that will come someday, but right now he says he "likes his freedom and his money too much".  When he was younger I used to worry he'd fall for the first hot blond that came along and smiled when she saw his paycheck.  I'm grateful he's proven to be much wiser than that!

Ian has such a caring heart, one of those guys with a secret marshmallow center. He spends his money carefully, and probably still has the first dollar he ever made, but at the same time is extremely generous with gifts to his mom, and always has such loving things to say in his cards and texts.  He's inherited his mother's warped sense of humor and sarcastic wit, and never fails to make me laugh.  I recently sent him a copy of Sophie's first blogpost, and here's the response I got back...
"Hahahahaha. Wow Sophie, with no toes and all still managed to type an excellent blog. Quite interesting, I'm sure 50 Shades of Fur will be an excellent book when Sophie decides to write it! Love this! By the end I was almost believing this came from the mind of a cat...or maybe it did! Haha 
Love, Son"

When we went to Nashville last fall to visit Ian and my daughter who lives there now too, he couldn't have been a more gracious host - a tour of The Hermitage, a riverboat cruise, tickets to the Nashville Predators hockey game, great food, and lots of laughter.  How I wish we lived closer!

I couldn't be more proud of the man my son has become, he is everything I dreamed of, and so much more.  Life wasn't always easy for my kids growing up, and yet they've both turned out to be intelligent, responsible, caring adults.  I thank God for that every day!

Here's my handsome son now... (with his cool and easy shaved head, though his mom misses his beautiful dark hair :-)  I love him with all of my heart!


  1. Oh what a sweet post! He lloks like you, Mom! Except of course, the hair. *lol* Same smile. You should be proud. You did good! And it sounds like he appreciates you. Yay for kids who appreciate their folks who love them!! Family is important. Good job, all of you. Hugs!

  2. Yah Happy Birthday have a very wonderful mother who did a dang good job with you I think you both are very blessed <3 I sure hope this posts sticks Josie I tried for 2 hours to think what is the hang up :( but you are getting them in e-mail right? So at least you know my wishes of blessings are being sent :))

  3. Happy Birthday to your son Josie.
    All we ever hope for is that our kids do well and grow up with a good head on their shoulders. It seems you have quite a good one there. Well done, Mom! :)

  4. Lovely both inside and out - happy birthday to your baby boy, even if he is all grown up now!

  5. I love that you love him so much! Happy Birth Day to you!

  6. How lovely, truly sweet. I just might post a picture of my infant son when he turns 33! You must have a strong relationship - just lovely.

  7. He looks so much like you and is a very very handsome man.
    What a great tribute Josie.

  8. Wow, he looks like you!! I read this sweet post today, on my daughter's 17th birthday, and it is hard to imagine that she will one day be 33. It makes me all the more intent on enjoying every bit of time I have with her now.

  9. Thank you everyone for the lovely comments and kind wishes! I am so very blessed by my children, along with my beloved Papa Bear, they are the most precious parts of my world. I marvel every day at the wonderful people they turned out to be!

  10. What a handsome son and he sure sounds like a wonderful young man. I am so happy that your worries about your children did not come to pass. It is amazing how fast time goes by. I sure do miss when they were little ones.

  11. He is 3 years and 5 days older than my eldest son Michael. What a loving post this is.

  12. '50 Shades Of Fur' LOL. He obviously has your sense of humour. He seems like an amazing person. You have every right to be proud. Happy Belated Birthday, Ian !!!!


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