Let Freedom Ring

Not long ago I wrote I Am Free -  a post about freedom and how much it means to me.   Today is a day to celebrate freedom on a much larger scale - the incredible blessing of living in a country where I have the freedom to be me in almost anyway I choose - as long as it doesn't infringe on the rights of others to do the same.  Do you ever stop to realize that's not true of folks living everywhere? The harsh reality is that opression abounds in our world.

As writers and bloggers in the USA, we have one of the freedoms I cherish the most - freedom of expression... to say and write what we think on anything, and to do so publicly without fear of punishment, imprisonment or even death.  We can even write about the faults of our governement!  See how long you stay free in some other countries doing that!  We have the right to believe what we want, and to share those beliefs, no  matter how different they may be from mainstream thought.  If you don't appreciate what a gift this is... you don't deserve to have it!

I wish this wonderful day of celebration wasn't better known and more often referred to as "The Fourth of July".  Of course it is that, but far more importantly, it's Independence Day!  I wonder how many school kids, and indeed some adults, could tell you the significance of this day.  Remember that our independence didn't come without a price, it came after a hard-fought war... freedom is never free. 

Take a moment to actually read The Declaration of Independence today,  and think about those brave men who dared to sign it. It was an act of courage, and devotion to freedom.  Freedom which we, as Americans, tend to take for granted. As you are either watching or participating (as we are) in shooting off fireworks tonight, remember what a precious thing it is that we are celebrating.   Happy Birthday America... Let Freedom Ring!!


  1. Having been in ROTC, I have an intense patriotic spirit. I also call it Independence Day, because it is not just a date. The importance lies in the action of our independence, giving significance to the date. May we never forget that. And may God always bless America.

  2. Freedom is something that should be cherished because as you say many other people in other countries don't have that freedom. Happy Independence Day!!!

  3. Happy Independence Day to you!!!!!

  4. As much as our government irks me and I disagree with a lot that they do, I'm still thankful for our freedom!

    Happy Independence day!

  5. I think that is a great idea. We should all take time out to read the Declaration at least once a year. It's not just "fireworks" day.

    Hope your fourth was great!


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