The Hardest Thing

The heavens are a little brighter tonight, but here on earth someone's heart is broken.  A good friend of mine had a beloved old tomcat that got sick and had to be put down today. She'd had him since he was a tiny kitten she fed with a bottle to keep him alive. If  you've had animals in your life that you've loved, I don't have to tell you about the hurt she's feeling tonight.  The sad fact is, most of us will outlive our pets... a blessing to them, but certain heartache for us.  It is rare, by the time someone reaches adulthood, that they haven't wept tears over at least one pet they've had to tell goodbye.  If you're older, it's likely been more than one, but each one just as loved and missed, whether their time with you was short or long, and their passing sudden or expected. 

We've heard some people say "they're just animals, not children", but for many of us that's simply not true.  They ARE our furry children, loved and treasured members of the family, each with their own personalities, their own facial expressions, and their own unique way of doing things.  One by one they've carved our places in our hearts, and to suddenly have them gone leaves a gaping hole in our lives that only time can heal. 

A hug and "I'm sorry" seem such small comfort for someone who has suffered such a loss. All we can say is "I understand", and note the good life and love this treasured furchild was blessed to have.  It doesn't take away the sting, but it is a comfort to know that friends and loved ones acknowledge the place this special animal had in your life.

After a time for mourning, I believe that the very finest way to honor the memory of a beloved pet who has gone to the spirit world, is to share the love that was once bestowed on them with another animal rescued or adopted from a shelter, one to whom a new home and a new family would mean everything. 

Love.... be it of family, friends, or furkids... it's the gift that keeps on giving. Life and death are the natural order of things; but love transcends death... love is forever!


  1. Please pass on my sympathies to your friend, Josie. Losing a pet is as sad as losing a person for me. Many of my pets have spent more time with me than any people have and one of the hardest things is to lose that bond and feeling of companionship they give you. I even still mourn some of my goldfish - people think I'm crazy, but I really miss those little guys. I understand the sense of loss completely and will never forget the love I have felt for my animals. It IS forever!!!

  2. It's so hard to loose a furry friend. We had 3 cats that were each 17 years old (10 years ago, can't believe they've been gone that long) that all 3 died within a month of a horrible virus. Our world was devastated by the loss. I haven't had a kitty since then but we do have our sweet Clayton doggie that rocks our world right now. Took awhile for me to be able to want an animal again but he fits the bill. Someday I'll have a kitty again.

  3. When Lucky died at age 17, I spent a month on a downhill slide. I screamed at my husband, I hated my husband, nothing made sense where my reactions were concerned. When he said "Let's go find a puppy", thinking it would heal me, I'd snap.

    The day a furchild approached ME (that was different) and his years of abuse were in his eyes, I said "He NEEDS me." My heart healed INSTANTLY.

    It wasn't ME, abandoning my dead furchild, by grabbing a cute puppy. It was ME, being the safe spot for another, and Lucky would understand.

    They BECOME our family and we attach the same emotions to their deaths that we attach to our human family.

    SO SAD.

  4. You know me & critters. I am all about critters.
    My heart goes out to your friend. She has someone waiting for her on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. And if & when she is ready, there are others waiting for love on this side.
    She isn't alone, nor is he. Love surpasses death. (I put that on my 1st dog's headstone. I was 25; she was 15. I had her buried in a pet cemetery.)

  5. Our beloved Fur babies are family...& the pain is no less then losing our human family. God bless those who can find the strength to give the ultimate gift, by freeing them from their suffering. It's one of the most difficult things to do, but it's the greatest gift of love we can give.


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