Punctuation is Important!

This morning when got to work I sent Papa Bear the following text message...
Have a good day!  I love you! 

A short while later I received this reply...
Trying to love you

Somewhat dismayed, since he always proclaims his undying love for me,  
I sent back the following...  
Trying to?  What does that mean?  :-(

Back came his response...
Trying to have a good day!

My reply...
Oh! That's different! :-)  I thought you were  saying it is difficult to love me.
(Which would be true, at least from my perspective).

He responded with the following and a bunch of smiley faces and hearts...
You know better than that, I always love you!

Whew, that's a relief!  :-)

Lesson to be learned - Punctuation is important, even when texting in a hurry! :-)

(Update - Papa Bear brought home peach cobbler for supper... he's back in good graces!)


  1. That's funny! If i'm guilty of anything, it's using too much punctuation. I'm pretty free and easy with the coma's. I do know that when i text with my wife, things tend to get shorthanded sometimes. Most of the time she knows what the heck i'm talking about. I think? :)

    Oh ya, i gave you an award today. I know it's not so much your thing, but i just wanted to say thanks for letting me hang out here from time to time. Plus, I'm still trying to answer your last question. I haven't forgotten that yet. It just has me stumped for now.

  2. I rarely enjoy a post as much as that one. trying to love you. I thought he was saying the same thing YOU thought.

    I use too many exclamation points!!!!

  3. I think I panicked just as much as you did when I read 'trying to.' By the time I finished reading, I let out a huge 'phew' followed by a 'aww, that's so sweet'. I'm getting so soppy in my old age. :)

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  5. Bill says we women think too much...maybe they don't think enough! *LOL* Just sayin'.
    I would have reacted the same way as you. I hope his day got better; surely it did after his Josie fix! :)

  6. I have had this same problem as well, and couldn't agree more! Texting is so convenient and has definitely become a staple in my life, but its so hard to convey what your really trying to say without the benefit of the inflection in your voice or body language.

  7. I am a over user of the punctuation but I do try to save letters when I am texting so GUILTY!!! of shortening things to leave one wondering what the ??? You guys are so adorable I love your love for each other :))

  8. Hahaha. You certainly can't deny the power of punctuation....


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