Floating Free

I had a couple more "deep thoughts" posts in mind, connected to the previous ones dealing with some of the issues many of us struggle with in our lives. But I thought I'd take a break from that tonight, and instead provide you with a few moments of tranquility. 

We all have those places and moments in our lives where we've felt completely at peace, without a care in the world, far removed from whatever is happening at the moment in our everyday lives.  Here are just a few of those that are wonderful memories for me...

A window seat in an airplane, riding just above the clouds.  The whole world looks magical and unreal from up there, as if we really could just open the door and go walking across the cottony softness, maybe gathering up handfuls of the fluffy stuff! There is nothing to distract us up there, no evidence of the sharp edges of our lives, just light, shape, and a sense of total peace.

When I was in high school my parents owned a small cabin on a lake near our home.  With a great deal of effort, I managed to talk my Dad into letting me buy a canoe.  My favorite time on the lake was early morning or evening, when I was for the most part alone, floating on the water, letting the wind and gentle waves carry me where they would. Out there, surrounded by sun sparkles dancing on the water, I was far away from any other that could upset my world,  calm, peaceful, beautiful.

Laying on my back in the tall grass on a hillside in the middle of summer. Warm sun kissed with gentle breezes.  Clouds floating by overhead taking on shapes that seem like animals and faces!  Far away from noise and people wanting to direct my life, it would have been so lovely to let life float on by!

Many years ago I met a friend in the beautiful Black Hills of Dakota for a few days stay in a condo high in the hills.  I had just lost a bunch of weight and was in the best shape of my life.  We walked the steep trail up the side of the mountain to the lookout built on top where you could see for miles and miles in all directions.  Standing there, at the top of my world, bracing in the wind, exhilarated by making the climb and the amazing view, I felt at peace, one with my world, and stronger than I'd ever felt before.

Two years ago, alone on a Gulf coast beach with my husband as the sun dropped off the horizon. Walking along the edge of the water, toes squishing in the wet sand, waves lapping at our feet, watching for new shells that had washed in, and collecting them like precious treasures. I could easily have stayed in that moment, without a care in the world!

Full moon nights spent soaking in the warm water of our hot tub, every care in the world melts away, a canopy of stars overhead,  occasionally the tiny blinking lights of airplanes flying high in the night, carrying people to and from their lives, just the two of us, as if the rest of the world has gone away.  I swear I could fall asleep there!

The safest, most peaceful place I know, even moreso than all the above?  Snuggled in my Papa Bear's strong arms at the end of the day.  My head pressed against his chest, listening to his heartbeat.  I could rest in his arms forever!

What places come to mind as your refuge from the world?


  1. :) These were nice.

    For me:

    On top of a mountain all alone. Walking down a busy street on my own. Watching the sun rise at my grandmother's in the country.

    Hmmmm those are the top few that come to mind!

  2. I like the mental images you write about. It just sounds wonderful. One of mine is floating around in the lake with a noodle on a hot day.

  3. One of mine is the same as yours - the beach.

    The other is lying next to my husband snuggled up on the couch.

    Crossing the Verrazano Bridge.

  4. I notice that almost all of your moments of peace are in the arms of nature. Being in Papa Bears arms is natural as well, only in a man made house. I am like you ... if I can escape into nature, anywhere, I can find peace. Your words paint beautiful pictures ... I so enjoy your writing.

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  5. Never having a place of peace, I had a hard time pulling one up during the time a psychiatrist was telling me to "close your eyes and picture the one place where you felt safe". I * COULD * NOT

    Instead, I pictured a gentle hillside, sloping toward a crystal clear stream and my brother nearby, sitting in the grass.

    I still go to this imagined memory when physical pain gets the best of me.

    SOON, very, very soon, my heart is crying to find this place in real life. I might now have the chance to DO IT!!! (my posts have told you how much I hope for this in a couple of days)

  6. Under our maple tree in our back yard. The beach. Where ever I am when I am with my sons and husband. At a good concert.

    Great post! Good to think about those things in our lives that nurture us!

  7. Josie, we are so much alike in our thinking and the way we are in tune with our emotions and our world. I love your writing; it makes me think & inspires me. I hope I can do that for others. I will be doing more of my writing...thank you for this and for your support. ~Hugs~

  8. I have a favourite tree in the park. I sit under it, hear the birds scuffle and watch the sunlight play on the water. It is the most soothing place in the world *happy sigh*


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