One Question Wednesday... Ask Papa Bear!

Several of you have been requesting a guest post by the now famous Papa Bear! He has declined that offer, saying that he's "not good with words" which isn't really true, he's just much more comfortable talking to folks than writing down his thoughts - one way that we are clearly opposites.  However, he has graciously accepted my request for an interview, so getting back in the swing of One Question Wednesday, I'm going to change things up a bit and let you ask the Papa Bear a question this time around!

Leave your questions for Papa Bear in the comments below, and  I'll post his answers tomorrow night. Any subject is fair game. I'll probably pose a few of my own questions as well.  I've given my word that I will type his responses verbatim. Of course that doesn't mean I can't add editorial comments following his interview, hehe!

And by the way, if you'd like a question to expound on for One Question Wednesday, let me know that in the comments too, and I'll be more than happy to oblige! :-))


  1. I'll see how it goes but i may need to sit this one out. Heading out on another bus trip tomorrow and i'm not sure how much time i'm going to have.

  2. Hurray, not only do we get to ask him a question, we get to see your Papa Bear too! Now this is fun... I feel like I should come up with a really ingenious question because who knows when I'll have the next chance. However, whenever I try and be ingenious I never am.

    Let me see... Ok, well, my favourite topic ;-) Romance!

    How and when did you know that Josie was the one for you? (The more details the better... in fact, feel free to write a full volume on this!)

    Thank you :-)

    And Josie, I'll take a question - but after today's post, I would really love a topic that's light and funny if possible. Not just for me, but for the sake of my readers! So many people visited my blog today but then didn't stick around to read or comment - I think it was much too long. I should probably figure out a word limit for myself ;-)

  3. Hi Papa Bear! So happy you are doing this!
    I understand that you think of Sushi as Bait. I must assume, by this, that you like to fish. What is the biggest fish you ever caught? (No "fish tales"...tails?)
    Josie, I posted a story about Bill today!
    Now, you like to fish? Bill & I love to do this together. We compete!!

  4. Dear Papa Bear....

    Have you counted your blessings today? And is Josie at the top of the list? :)

    She is such a beautiful blessing here and in the world -- how wonderful for you to live with her every day!

  5. I'll be interviewing the Papa Bear tonite, I may get the post finished, or it may go up tomorrow night, depending on how late it gets. It's been three ball-buster days in a row at work and I'm hoping to connect with my pillow early tonight. :-)

  6. this is really cute to give us all a window into your honey bear!! I got tagged so I am tagging you in TAG YOUR IT! go check out my blog and play along so we can learn so more about you also.

    1. Thanks Janice! Honey Bear, I like that... and do you know he truly loves honey! We order it special from Colorado! :-) Thanks for the tag too, I will check it out!


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