Happy Birthday Mr. Monkey!

Today is The Ranting Monkey's Birthday!  He is one of my best buddies in blogville and things would be ever so much less fun around here with out him. Happy Birthday Mr. Monkey, may the gods that smiled on the day you were born bring you a year of love and laughter, and the inspiration to start on that book!  It is my pleasure to blog with you here. I am honored to call you my friend.  Thank you for all the wonderful rants, outrageous humor, and glimpses of your marshmallow center. You are a true treasure, one of a kind, and seriously - one of the best of the best!  I so hope you've escaped work duty today and have celebration on the agenda. I know the gods are still smiling at what they unleashed on the world so many years ago.   Love ya!


  1. Thank you, you are far too kind. I did escape work but no celebrations planned.

  2. You're such a good friend, Josie!

  3. I hope you favourite ranting monkey had a great birthday


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