Gut Check

I AM _____________________.   Quick, don't contemplate, just give the first answer that comes to mind!  Was your statement about yourself positive or negative?  This is a new self-awareness tool I've started using to become more aware of my attitude and mindset throughout the day:

Sunday 10 PM
I AM depressed.   The weekend is over and it's back to work in the moring.
I AM defeated.   I accomplished several tasks but I didn't get as much done as I needed to.
I AM lazy.  I should have worked harder and gotten more done instead of slacking.
I AM frustrated.  I didn't write a blog post today. The Sunday Scribblings prompt posted way late, and it didn't interest me. Nothing else struck me as a good topic either.
I AM - not going to blog.  A gloomy frame of mind results gloomy in posts.
I AM going to bed early.
Monday 7:30 AM
I AM not ready for Monday.  I dread the backlog of paperwork at the office.
I AM tired. I just slept eight hours and I still feel tired. 
I AM betting I wonder if I would feel more energetic - if I knew the day was mine to do with as I please.
I AM going make a concious effort to change my attitude!
I AM please with the nice job my husband did mowing the front yard yesterday. Weeds look much better when they are short! :-)
I AM happy that my daughter went out on a date this weekend. At least she got out of the house!
I AM enjoying the beautiful sky on the way to work.
I AM going to count my blessings today instead of my burdens.
I AM not going to drag my coworkers down by being negative.  Attitudes are contagious.
I AM going to walk in with a smile.  Smiles are contagious too.
I AM going to put in my best effort and refrain from bitching. 

Monday 1:00 PM
I AM more than half way thru the workday. The scanner is working off and on, that's better than not at all!
I AM making progress on the paper pile.
I AM in a peaceful state of mind.
I AM blessed to have a job that I can handle physically.  I talk to people all day long that can't work.
I AM ok!

See how that works??  I tend to be a cup half-empty person, and it's one thing I want to work on. People who are always looking at the dark side are depressing to be around.  If I remain aware of what my mindset is, I can change it.  I have the power to change what I think and what I feel! 



  1. Funny how that works.
    It surprises me sometimes what will trigger my gloominess. For me the weather seems to play a big part. Sour weather, sour mood. Figuring that out is half the battle for me, then i can focus on something else to try brighten up.

    If i didn't have dandilions i wouldn't have a lawn at all. :)

    1. Weather really affects my moods too Ken, only it's the opposite, I love fog and rain. We have too much heat down here, hot and dry, and that makes me miserable and I get grouchy! You are right that figuring out what it is that's causing the blues is a big step in moving on.
      We don't have a yard we have a 2-1/2 acre weed patch and two little trees! Maybe someday in the near future we can begin working on it. I know one lady that sodded her yard one square at a time, as she could afford it! I like dandelions - they are bright and colorful, and the leaves are awesome in salads! :-)

  2. I am off Wednesday so I know I can make it thru Monday and Tuesday!

    1. I love this Kristi, great use of "I am ___!" I wish I was too! :-)

  3. I must admit that my first statement was a negative one.
    I do however agree with having the power to change one's mindset. But some days when my fibromyalgia kicks in, or the Lupus plays up, I find it much harder to do.

    I usually find that a good cry and an hour or two of self-pitying and I start to feel positive again.

    1. I have fibro too, Lily, and I know what you mean. Somedays it's hard to keep going, and it's one of those diseases people don't "see" or really relate to. I can easily get down about what I used to accomplish but can't anymore. I agree with you too that sometimes we have to vent all the negative feelings in order for more positive ones to rise to the surface. When I start working thru an "I am" progression it usually starts out dark, then after a bit I have to laugh at how rediculous I'm being, and things start to lighten up!

  4. Before I even read on, I filled in the blank with "great." And then I went with "cute" and "awesome" and "clever."

    My self esteem might be a little too high.

    Anyway, it's amazing how much better things can be when we see the good parts of life. "I am enjoying myself" leads to "I am happy."

    "I am grumpy" leads to "I am going to shoot everyone I know."

    1. Oh my Monkey, you are the epitomy of good self-esteem. If we could package and sell that you'd be worth a fortune! I'm not sure one can have self-esteem that's too high, unless it translates to arrogant asshole, and I've never seen that in you... so far anyway! :-) You are right that looking at the positive takes you to better places. When I am in a miserable mood everyone and everything annoys me, even if on most other days it wouldn't. All the more reason to learn to refocus my mind on happier thoughts!

  5. Ok I read and filled in the blank with the word HAPPY so then I read more and there was not responce with just happy bugga..........

    1. As far as I'm concerned Jo-Anne, there couldn't be a better answer to put in the blank! If you are happy it means you are content with your life as it is, and that is a most wonderful place to be! So many folks are never happy with themselves, their lives, or the folks around them. To know true happiness you are blessed! That is a much better way to answer than all the negatives that come to mind so easily. Good for you!

  6. Occasionally we have gloomy days. It's inevitable. I try as hard as I can when those days strike to focus on what is positive in my life. It's not easy but I am trying really hard to change my mindset. Good on you for just getting in there and attacking the gloom, Josie!

    1. It's something I really have to work at Selma, I'm a natural Gloomy Gus. It's easy for me to get frustrated, and disillusioned with people and life. If I work hard to monitor where I'm letting my thoughts ramble, I can rein them in and redirect them in happier directions. It's baby steps for me, but I'm trying, and it's working bit by bit! I don't want to be one of those old grumpy folks, I want to have a happy outlook on life!


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