Blessings of The Five Senses

Here's a fun challenge for Five on Friday... Off the top of your head, without giving it a great deal of thought, list five of your favorites for each of our five human senses...

Sight - Five things I love to see
1. My husband's beautiful smiling eyes
2. My furkids napping curled up together
3. New pictures of my kids on the rez
4. A garden of brightly colored flowers
5. The ocean at sunset 

Hearing - Five things I love to hear
1. My husband's deep voice singing
2. My children's voices on the phone
3. Old classics from the 60's that take me back
4. The church bells playing hymns downtown
5. Thunder in the distance

Taste - Five things I love to taste
1. Kisses
2. Chocolate
3. Lobster
4. Veggies fresh from the garden
5. Ice cold beer

Smell - Five things I love to smell
1. Lilacs in bloom
2. Fudge cooking on the stove
3. Bread baking in the oven
4. Bed sheets that have been dried outside on a line
5. Fresh cut Christmas pine trees on a cold winter night

Touch - Five things I love to touch
1. My husband's baby soft hair and skin
2.  The thick fur coats of my kittys
3.  Sand slipping thru my fingers on the beach
4.  The delicate softness of flower petals
5.  Green grass with my bare feet

Now stop and look at your list - all the things that make you smile and add meaning to your life, and realize how very blessed you are!


  1. I love your list and I love that, as always, John is all over it - even in "kisses" because I'm guessing you didn't mean the chocolate kind ;-)

    1. When I think of things that make me happy, L, John is the first thing that comes to mind - the way he looks, the way he feels, the way he smells, the way he smiles... and the way he rolls his eyes when I am "way out there"! :-) Kisses... John's kisses, chocolate Kisses, cat kisses... I love them all! :-) And yes, I do kiss my cats!

    2. awwww, he better know how lucky he is to have you!! That's okay, I kiss my doggies!

  2. I posted this list on my Facebook too, because I think it makes a person feel good to stop and count their blessings now and then. If you make this list, hang it up somewhere for a gray day, it will make you smile, I promise!

  3. I still have to do my F post but this I am going to try this one as well. Might not be until tomorrow though.

    I love your picks here. Another glimpse into all that is Josie!

    1. Thanks Monkey! You know me, I could easily list ten more under each heading, that's why I just went with what came to my mind first and didn't spend a lot of time analyzing or comparing my answers. Bottom line, everything on this list makes me smile. I have a good life!

  4. Loved your lists! I want to do it too but might save it for after this challenge thing. It's so pleasant!

    Really loved your feedback on my fasting post - it was so clear and level-headed... two qualities that I don't always have.

  5. Thanks Bozo, I tend to write a lot of serious, heavier stuff, so every now and then I like to lighten it up. I'm big on counting blessings, it can put the worst of times in perspective!

    Your fasting post was really good, it had something to say, something worth considering... what, if anything, would I be willing to die for? It made me think, and I like that! Hmmm, I feel a post coming on! :-)

  6. Your lists are like poems. They completely sum up all the things that make life living. I am smiling and nodding as I read this!

  7. That's exactly the way I feel when I review this list, Selma! Sometimes I need the refresher to remind me of why and how my life is good!


Your comments are always appreciated... they make me smile! :-)