Blogger Spouse Blues

My husband is a Freemason and a Past Master of his Masonic Lodge as well as a Scottish Rite member.  Thus, there are a few nights each month that he spends at lodge meetings for various purposes. Those are his nights to enjoy the fellowship of his lodge brothers.  To help him understand that Wednesdays are my night  to enjoy the fellowship of my blog friends playing One Question Wednesday, I declared that Wednesdays were "Blog Lodge" night, and he was to entertain himself, for a couple hours.  He got a big kick out of it, asking me several cute questions about my role in the lodge. I noted that his lodge serves up much better meals, as I often sit here at my laptop with a bowl of cereal.  He replied laughingly "It sucks to be you, doesn't it?"  But now he usually picks up Wednesday night dinner for us both on his way home from town... such a sweetie (and a good way to ensure getting something to eat while I am preoccupied)! 

For awhile after we married, I felt guilty about taking away from our time together to blog. In fact I even quit entirely for a year or more, but I missed it so  much, and I realized that it's healthy for us both to have a few things we do strictly for ourselves, things that we alone enjoy.  I don't much enjoy going to lodge functions on the occasions when spouses are included, and he doesn't require me to do so.  It's his thing. He doesn't  really understand my fascination with writing my thoughts down to share with folks I "don't even really know". Not exactly right on that count, is he? 

John of course has a link to my blog and is free to read what I post whenever he chooses, though he rarely does.  He prefers me to send him links to any posts I write that I think might interest him.  He admires my wordy ways, and respects most of the statements I make, though I tend to be more liberal in my thinking. Keep in mind he's a born n' bred gun-totin' Texas Republican! :-)  It surprises him that I can "multi-task" by writing away as I sort-of watch tv shows in the background, even conversing with him on what's happening.  It's not my way to just sit idly, I like my hands to be busy!

I've come to the conclusion that one has to have a writer's heart to truly understand our preoccupation with the written word.  I've been in love with words since I was old enough to string them together!  John says I use big words, though I really don't think so, or at least I try to keep it simple. Nothing bugs me more than folks who use lots of big words just to sound important.  If the word fits the situation, fine, otherwise say it the easy way! It's sort of like playing Words With Friends, when your opponent comes up with some six-letter word you've never heard of.  You just know they're using some kind of cheater app to score more points, and I want to pull out my best teacher voice and say "Use that in a sentence please", 'cuz you know they have no earthly idea what it means!

So tonight is Blog Lodge night and I'm happily settling in to see the answers everyone has posted for One Question Wednesday.  John will be home soon, supper in tow, and will chuckle at me sitting here in my bare feet and kaftan, happily typing away on comments.  I've told him how much I enjoy the friends I have here, that blogging folks are more like me than most folks I meet in the "real world".  Now that's something he finds a bit concerning... that's there's more folks who are just as strange as me! :-)

How does your spouse/partner/family feel about your blog and blogging time... fans or foes?


  1. Chele doesn't seem to mind and as you know she occasionally drops by to play along.

    I'm more interested in your thoughts on big words. AMEN!!!! People that use big words just to use them annoy me. The idea is to express thoughts, not to prove you're better than anyone else.

    I used to run into those folks a lot when I'd argue politics on forums. I'd go out of my way to show what absolute idiots they were despite having once heard and remembered a 12 letter word.

  2. Tim doesn't get it he doesn't understand that my blog friends are just that friends even though we have never met face to face I tell him it's the same as having pen friends they are still friends.....

    I also can blog and watch tv and talk to Tim about other stuff multi-tasking come naturally to me as I think it does for most women. I also do not understand why some people feel the need to use big words

  3. This is a great little (not so little) post! Someone here once told me, in regard to marriage, that it's good for the relationship if either spouse gets away for a bit. Made sense to me. I mean, no matter how much I love someone, I also like to have my moments alone.

    I have not shared my blog with my family or friends - it's my own little world which I enjoy - so no conflict one way or another.

  4. D absolutely understands my need to blog. He knows it's my form of therapy and knows had it not been for my blog in the very beginning of my healing process, I wouldn't be where I am now. My blog has been my saving grace. Back before I had any followers, that bad boy was a void in space, but it was still a place I could go to and I knew people were out there "listening" (thanks to stat counter). Then followers made themselves known and we helped each other. My blog evolved from being about him to about me and that's when my recovery really happened. He loves that I have my blog - free counseling LOL

  5. Yes, my hubby is the same. He understands my need to blog. I've been doing it so long it would be hard to give it up now. The 'big words' people annoy me too especially when they use words out of context which just goes to show they don't know what they're talking about. I love that you have a special blogging night. That is so cool!


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