Monkey Business Update

The Ranting Monkey wrote this post in response to my previous one, and it's a good post... go read it.  He had some valid points to make, as he always does.  I wrote a response there, but I'm going to post it here as well, and then we'll call this subject closed. :-)

Dearest Monkey, obivously my rebuttal post caused the same jarring reaction with you that your original post did with me. As I admitted, I've had a terrible week, one of the hardest at work in a long time, and I woke up dreading Wednesday morning only to learn that "Old People Suck" when every muscle in my body was hurting from fibro and fatigue. I couldn't have felt more old if there were 90 candles on my birthday cake. So all I can say is that you touched a nerve and I fired back 'cuz I don't wanna "suck", especially not in the eyes of friends I cherish, like you. And I don't wanna suck in the eyes of my children, or my coworkers, or my neighbors either.  Your words made me wonder "Gosh, am I really that person now?"

I am an Aquarian, as we all know, defender of wrongs and warrior against society's ills, and my entire life has been about combating stereotypes and the damage they do. ANY and ALL stereotypes, which is what I was trying to say in my far too long and heated speech. If you would have added just one word to your title... SOME Old People Suck, I would have been fine with it, really. Cuz I know as well as you point out in this post and the previous one, some old people do indeed suck. I run into them in my life as well. I worked for one once that about drove me crazy. I wanted to hit the old bat! SOME of all people suck, and your wonderful rants are great at pointing that out. You are so right about SOME socieities, allegedly civilized and otherwise that treat their women worse than their dogs and cattle, and sell their children into slavery. I bow to that point.

Without going on for ten more paragraphs, I will just say that when I was your age I looked at it much like you do now, and even got annoyed at those slow-moving folks with the walkers or carts that were blocking my pathway in the stores when I was in a hurry. Once you get past the 55 zone you start realizing how close your life is that point, and instead I feel nothing but compassion for the difficulties they must endure every day. I watched the quality of my mother and then my father's life slip away to nearly nothing before they died. It broke my heart. Now, when I see a doddering old person being a nuisance or even a bit crochety and hard to get along with, I try to remind myself that "there but for the grace of God go I.

I'm going to try not to be a pain in the ass to live with as get older - well, anymore than I already am anyway, but I hope if I lose my sense of humor at times, or grumble about the younger generation, or complain about petty annoyances and the price of bread, that you will cut me a little slack and still be my friend.

I apologize for firing off so strongly yesterday, the original post in my mind the previous morning was even worse, that's why I waited. I realize you qualified the title of your post further into it, and did at one point go on to state that you treat people with respect. I know you do, you have always treated me that way, always. Do we have to treat assholes of ANY age with respect, simply because of how old they are or what role they fill, no - certainly we don't. A good example would be the revered priests who molest children. Respectable? Hardly, they should be scorned and stoned!

So anyway, I'm sorry Monkey, I didn't mean to start a word war with you, just wanted to put out some things for younger folks to think about when they consider old ones, we do need to value what older people STILL have to contribute to our world, self included, cuz some days I feel like I am incapable of being useful anymore, and I assure you it's a pretty sucky feeling.

Love ya Monkey, please never stop being who or what you are!


  1. I'm not into arguing. I'm not good at it and I don't like the feeling it leaves in me. So, removing the argument aspect from these posts, and just looking at your ideas and views, I have to say that I really appreciate what you wrote. I think you were spot on. Every single sentence... to me your post was uplifting and beautiful.

    1. The Monkey and I have had our share of disagreements in the past Bozo, though we do it less frequently now. Don't worry, what doesn't kill us makes us stronger, and not always seeing things the same way doesn't mean we don't care about each other bunches, 'cuz we do. One of the reasons friendships survive is the ability to remember what really matters, and to ride out the bumpy spots. I am what I am, he is was he is, and neither of us would have it any other way. We'll be back for another round of One Question Wednesday, and it might be time for me to toss a bit of spice into my questions!

  2. I think this post just goes to show that people can have differing points of view and still treat one another with respect. I am all for voicing one's opinion. Passion makes a difference in life. I firmly believe that!


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