Just Plain Mean

 I just stopped by our Tiny Town two-staff Post Office to pick up our mail. Our Post Mistress retired last week. She was a true original with a wonderful sense of home-spun humor and was loved by everyone. She's been replaced by a new Postmistress who has worked in another Texas Post Office for 30 some years, so she knows her stuff. But obviously, someone is very unhappy with her. Posted on both the front window by the entrance and the bulletin board inside are bold computer-printed signs which read...

 Attention Tiny Town Residents!! Be advised your new postmaster is rude and does not care about her Tiny Town customers.

Are you kidding me? What kind of cowardly shithead would post a sign like that for everyone to see? How would you like to be the new postmistress coming to work on Monday morning to find that? I was going to tear them down, but I'm sure that would just encourage the person who did them to put up more. Instead, I think I'll go back and tape on Post-It notes that say "Only cowards leave anonymous notes, adults deal with their problems face to face."

I haven't met the new Postmistress yet, I don't know if she's friendly or not, but I'm definitely going in next week just to say hello. I'm thinking she could use some friendly faces right about now. Change in inevitable folks, deal with it!


  1. Ah, nothing like making new people feel welcome.

    Judging from my own experience with customers, I'd guess the cowardly sign writer tried getting away with crap even the retired post mistress wouldn't have put up with and when it didn't work, they lashed out.

    Customers suck!

  2. The signs are down now, one disappeared and we removed the other today. Such petty crap! I'm with you, I'm betting the customer was not playing by the rules.

  3. That's pretty rediculous. I don't know how i would react if i saw that at my post office. Geesh. What is happening in our world? Ugh

  4. Yes, Louise and Soul, it was aweful, rediculous and downright disturbing. Sometimes I am amazed at how low people will go. It took some effort to go to all that trouble that could much better have been spent working out whatever the problem was!

  5. Unfortunately, that is absolutely the case with the postal workers in our small town. They are incompetent and rude and are nervous that their post office is on the short list to be closed. Hummm, what happened to good customer service. That was a hallmark of our company and we expect to be treated well as a customer.

    However, I think the new postmistress needs to be given a chance. She might end up being better than the last beloved lady that retired.

  6. Oh why would you bother to do that. I bet they wouldn't dare leave their name. Being a small town, as you say, they would have easily been caught out and embarrassed by their nastiness.
    Then again, it takes all sorts to make a world doesn't it?
    Over the New Year break I went across to the post office at the local shops near me and there was a note scrawled on a scrap of paper and taped to the window abusing the workers and saying why weren't you opened, you call this service? etc, Hahahah,but it was still a public holiday.

  7. Customer service does seem to be a dying art, Tee. Postal workers in small towns especially are worried about job cuts. Still, as human beings it is our obligation to treat others by the golden rule, whether we are feeling it or not... and that includes leaving rude notes up intended to embarass... definitely not the kind of person I want to be!

  8. Yes,Linda, I too have to wonder why someone would go to all the trouble to do something so mean. What is going on in their life that they feel like making a personal attack because they feel they weren't treated well. I stopped and said a prayer for the writer, hoping their perspective on the big and little issues in life becomes more clear!


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