It's One Question Wednesday!

What's this all about? It's a fun way to learn a little bit more about your fellow bloggers and an opportunity to ask those probing questions that haven't been covered in their blog. Leave a question in the comments here and I'll answer it tonite, the catch is that I also get to send one to you to answer too.  Don't worry, we'll play nice this round! :-)  Have a burning question for another of your blog buddies? Send it to them along with the stipulation that they send you one in  return, then add a comment below so we can all go check out the responses. 

I've already got a couple questions waiting for me in the comments to my previous post, and I'm hoping to find more as the day goes on. Now I'm off to ponder what to ask them in return.  If anyone wants me to ask them a question first, just leave a note in my comments and I'll be happy to oblige! I'll be at work during the day so you probably won't see me here until early evening, but rest assured I'll have no trouble coming up with a question to ask anybody, that's one problem I've never had... curiosity is my middle name! By the way, I'm famous for two-part questions, sneaky huh?  :-)


  1. Ok you talked me into it. But first- itslike 310 AM, and i have other things on my mind that i am gonna 'spew' on the ole blog first.
    Later in the mornin when soulman gets set up for surgery and i'm chainsmokin in the car- i shall do the wednesday question post you gave me one i think i can handle- you do know me well dontchya? :)) i would like to cook for you n john someday. No doubt i woulDn't do ya wrong :))
    I hope the sl
    Eepy fairy is visiting you right now, i think mine is dead. Bah!

  2. Bah- sleep fairy
    Can we say sleep deprived?

  3. Aha! Your question... From mois if you told us, i forgot, and i know that doesn't surprise you... So... Tell us/ me.. How exactly you met your spouse, how long your 'courtship' lasted. And what w
    As the giveaway that he was THE one- and you for him?

  4. My questions have been answered. If more questions come, I will update the post.

  5. Answered in my blog. Linked to you!

  6. Answered in my blog - now my question for you:

    A two parter: What inspired you to blog and do you still have the same inspiration?


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