Five Fun Facts About Me

It's after Five on Friday and I'm feeling fine! With that in mind, while waiting for my knight in shining armor to come and carry me away to dinner, I've decided to post five fun facts about myself... well, maybe ten... or fifteen...

Five Things Almost Everybody Knows About Me:
  1. I love to write about the things that are bouncing around in my head. If one could make a living doing this, I would be a happy camper and wealthy beyond words!
  2. I am a crazy cat lady at heart.  We have five cats in the house, and there would be more if my beloved wasn't a bit more sensible than I am and says five is enough!
  3. I am an Aquarian, and I hold true to the characteristics of my sign. Eccentric is me, ok maybe just plain weird.  My other sign is slippery when wet.
  4. My favorite color is purple, seconded by bright yellow. Put me in a field of purple and yellow flowers and I will be in heaven... except for allergies, so I will sneeze!
  5. My favorite food group  is chocolate.  If it's got chocolate on it or in it, I will like it. I recently saw strips of chocolate covered bacon in a candy store... brilliant!
Five Things Some People Know About Me:
  1. I was born and raised in South Dakota, but I live in Texas now, and love it! I would probably love anywhere I lived if my Papa Bear was there with me. Though I think a tropical island where it's 72 degrees all year round would be very nice indeed!
  2. I have seven tattoos ranging from a tiny butterfly to a spray of flowers that follows the length of my spine.  I love tattoos.. my first one was a crying heart over my own heart. I don't cry much anymore, but it reminds me of where I've come from.
  3. I have been married three times before, as has my husband.  My first three turned into nightmares, two of my husband's previous wives died. For us the fourth time is the charm!
  4. I have several dozen young people on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation that I've known for years who are so very close to my heart. Watching them grow up into young adults is a fascinating, and sometimes heartbreaking journey.
  5. I am reclusive by nature and much prefer to be at home with my husband and my furkids than out among groups of people. Social situations make me VERY uncomfortable. 

Five Things Not Many People Know About Me:
  1. I am hypersensitive to sounds, lights, and smells. This often causes me discomfort when I am in noisy environments, or watching action movies with lots of rapid movement and flashing light, or enduring someone who has bathed in cheap perfume.  When I am home alone the only sound you will hear is my cats purring and my keyboard clicking. I use fragrance free everything so that my allergies and asthma don't go crazy.
  2. I am not the least bit impressed by great shows of wealth. I don't wear designer clothes or shoes or carry a designer bag. In fact I have one pair of work shoes that I wear every day, and beloved pair of sandals (that I can't wear where I work now, sadly) that I wear the rest of the time.  I have a pair of tennis shoes for long walks, and a pair of dress shoes that I wore for my wedding and not since. I do not have a closet full of shoes or clothes. I can't relate to that lifestyle at all.
  3. My first husband practiced satanic worship. In short, he sold his soul to the devil. I saw and experienced things because of him that leaves no doubt in my mind that both good and evil are very real.  The dark arts are not something to dabble in or play with, and I wince every time I see people doing this. I fear for them, they know not what they do!
  4. I don't like to wear clothes at home, and I never wear shoes in the house. As soon as I get home from work, off go the clothes and shoes and on goes a kaftan. I love kaftans, and would wear them to work if I could get away with it. Are you old enough to remember Mrs. Roper on Three's Company? Then you know what I mean!
  5. Early in my young adult life I lived in a couple different communal situations, this was back in the early 70's.  Say what you will about those times, they were great times and good memories, and I think there is something to be said for creating your own families from people who fit well with you, or as my friend would say, are from your tribe.
If you enjoyed getting to know me a little better from this post, why don't you create similar lists of your own to share with us and link back.  There is nothing I enjoy  more than learning about what makes other people who they are!


  1. You have just amazed me, Josie! Every time I read your blog, I appreciate it more and more and I'm so happy I'm here.

    You have led an amazing life. You really have. You come over to my blog and talk about me, but you, you Josie - you really are one amazing chick! What I found to be really fascinating about this post in particular is that while we are two different people, we are still so's just wild!

    I've got three tattoos (four sittings; I had an add on to one); perfume will trigger a Migraine for me - so ladies: LESS IS MORE!; fashion doesn't impress me either; I knew a kid in HS that worshipped satan and it was horrible and then when I was in Louisiana I learned about how serious voodoo is, nothing to kid around about.

    You made me look up what a kaftan was because I had never heard of one before. LOL

    What do you mean when you say "I have several dozen young people on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation" do you mean you foster them?

    This was a great list. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with us!!

    1. One of the magical things about blogging L, is that we tend to bump into folks who think, feel, and have experienced many of the same things we have. Before the advent of the Internet in my life I truely thought I came from another planet and rarely encountered anyone I could relate to... here, I am continually amazed and delighted by the similarities we share! I thank my good friend Ranting Monkey for pointing me in your direction, he knows me well!

    2. The story of my kids on the reservation is another blog post in itself, and I probably have one backup up from old archives that I can find and update, or I'll write another! Short story... I co-sponsored a classroom of first graders about eleven years ago, and from their friendships grew that will remain for a lifetime! I'll tell you more about that soon.

    3. I'm so glad he connected us too. I'm still amazed (and blessed) by how many people I've encountered that share commonalities with me. It's great! Sure, I've run into some wackos because of the nature of my site, but for the most part, I've met a lot of great people.

      I see that you and Ranting Monkey go way back...that is so cool. The blogging world is truly a whole new experience.

      I would love to hear more about your experience with the first graders. Well, I guess now they'd be seniors? What an inspiring story.

    4. There are indeed wackos to be found everywhere L, sad bu true reality of life, and sometimes they come well disguised as somewhat "normal". I've met more than my share too.

      I will definitely do an update post on my rez kids in the near future. I am proud of how well most of them manage to pesevere in what is one of the poorest places in our country with all that goes along with that.

  2. I missed you when you stopped blogging as much. You have always been a great support to me. You seem so kind and loving and I am right there with you about crowds! I always go to the store super early in the morning to avoid crowds. We took the kids to the Ft Worth zoo today and I was so ready to get home! Waaay too many people!

    1. What a sweet comment, Kristi, I am humbled by it! I told my spouse that the folks in blogland see me as kind and loving and he chuckled, cuz he knows I can be a Tazmanian devil at times too... I blame hormones or temporary insanity or something for that :-)) Seriously, I missed blogging too. Sometimes I go away for awhile when life overwhelms me and I hide. I also gave up for awhile cuz I just couldn't find the quiet time to write and it grew to frustrating to try to balance wants and needs in my life. I realized upon returning how very much I missed it and what an awesome outlet it is for me! I missed you guys too!!

  3. I'll give this one a go. But not tonight. Gotta get some sleep. Golfing with Spot tomorrow!!!!

    1. Cool, Ranting Monkey... your answers promise to be interesting!! Anyone else looking for a blog topic, have at it. It's an easy meme to do, and you can modify it any way that suits you. The Monkey plays golf??? Who would have thought it?!! :-) I thought you had snow on the ground there?! Have fun, and please kick Spot's ass for me and tell him to return to blogging. I hate it when blog friends disappear!!

    2. I do love golf. Thankfully, the snow has melted almost entirely and the golf courses here opened early! Was great fun. As I read this after we played, I'll pass that along next time we speak

    3. Sounds like an awesome way to spend a Saturday, Monkey, and a great way to wind down from the stress of work. Yes, don't forget to pass along that kick on my behalf!:-) Though it doubt it will do much good.

  4. I loved reading this and your spray of flowers tattoo sounds so pretty. I don't have any myself - and up until recently thought that most tattoo designs were of a harsh or violent nature. But I've been looking at pictures online and there are some absolutely beautiful ones out there!

    Since I'm new to your blog I don't know know what sort of boundaries you keep here (if any) but if you were inclined to share a picture of the spray of flowers I would love to see it!

    I was very intrigued when I read that you don't like to wear clothes at home lol... and before I could go any further in that paragraph I was already imagining you stark naked in front of the computer as you blogged. So, now I'm curious... did you intentionally take a breath before letting us know that you wear kaftans? Or was it just my mind having fun?

    1. You have me laughing Bozo! I hadn't really intended to write that pause in the item about my home attire, but I see now that it read that way! :-) It might be possible that we don't always wear clothing at home, after all this is Texas...summers here are triple-digit temps, and the kids are all grown and gone. However, a visual of two old fat wrinkled gravity-challenged folks is not one I wish to bestow on anyone. We've probably already blinded our rural neighbors as we sprint across the deck to our hot tub in our birthday suits! LOL

    2. In answer to your question, Bozo, I have posted photos of my tats online long ago, but have less inclination to share that one now that this is once again a public blog. If you send me your email to jts.2000@, I'll be happy to send you the pic. I agree that tattoos can be vulgar and poorly thought out. After all this is a design you'll be wearing for the rest of your life... smart rules are no drug or gang references, no stupid cartoon characters, no names other than blood relatives (cuz that can't be undone), and for heaven's sake find someone who knows what their doing... I have seen far more poorly executed tattoos on people than good ones. Go the extra hundred bucks and have it done right... and safely, you'll never regret it! There is still one more tattoo I'd like to have done, and I've left a space for it on my left upper arm, but right now taking asprin to keep my blood thin precludes that, since I bleed easily and much! I love the process though, yes it hurts, but it's also a rush!!

    3. Thank you for such a complete response! I'll be sending you an email right after this.

      And by the way, I just love the thought of you both making a naked run across the deck!

  5. Last night an email message popped in from my friend K, noting that he knew all 15 of these things about me, and indeed he does. I realized that he and my husband are two of the very few who can claim this. He also saw my very first tattoo shortly after it was done, and has seen everyone since, responding with a great rolling of eyes as I recall! :-)


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