Crazy Quilt

Often we don't realize the full value of the blessings and gifts we've been given until we look back later and see how they've changed our lives.  Everything that happens is for a reason, every person you encounter is part of the plan. The older you get, the more you are able to appreciate how the patchwork quilt of your life has come together.

My grandmother made wonderful crazy quilts. They weren't elaborate artistic endeavors like the quilt pictured above, but rather were born out of practicality - the need to keep her children warm on cold Dakota winter nights in unheated upstairs bedrooms.  Grandma's quilts were pieced together from whatever worn clothing and fabric scraps she had available, hand-stitched, and hand-tied, assembled with love.

I look at my life as being much the same as those quilts, some pieces of  brightly printed fabric - good times, happy memories; and some pieces that are darker and roughly textured - heavy times, times that I barely survived.  While my life may have more than it's share of crazy, irregular pieces, when stitched together with The Creator's love for me, it becomes a beautiful quilt, unique - so warm and comfortable to wrap myself in... much like faith, and trust, and love.


  1. This post makes me miss my old quilt. Ragged and worn, I loved that thing. Made my my mother-in-law for my wife, I stole it from her were we started dating.

  2. In my childhood memories are two quilts my Grandma made, one a crazy quilt, and one an appliqued butterfly quilt. Over the years both were well-used and eventually grew worn and tattered to the point that my mother disposed of them. How I wish I still had them now! I think what we love about quilts is the personal element, that someone took the time to make them for us! I keep thinking I will make them for my kids someday... really, I should just do it!

  3. Never had the luxury of owning or being given a quilt... always wanted to try and make one tho...

  4. I have three very special quilts that friends have made for me Jyankee, one contains the handprints of the children I visited at Red Cloud. I treasure them! I think you should undertake making a special quilt for Baby Bean that will always be her gift from your heart! Nowdays, with sewing machines it's not all that hard!


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