Reclaimed What??

One night last week while channel surfing the tv, we stumbled upon a strange reality show called "The Virgin Diaries".  The episode depicted three adult female roommates who profess to be virgins, going out on a group date with three guys who also turn out to be virgins. There is no way I'm going to believe that occurred totally by coincidence, but moving on....

While two of the women admitted to never having had sex, the third calls herself a "reclaimed virgin".  Huh? That got my attention!  She went on to say that she had sex with her last seven boyfriends, but has not been sexually involved since. Since when? If a time frame was given I missed it while contemplating her obvious "lack of experience" and how one rationally justifies reclaiming something that is in reality a bit technical and not possible to undo once done.  Wouldn't it be more accurate to say that you have chosen to be abstinent? Since she certainly didn't opt for abstinence previously, I also found myself wondering if her current status was due more to a lack of opportunity than conscientious choice.

Needless to say, the entire show - which also included another equally weird segment involving a guy who was still a virgin - was awkward and clumsy and not something we will watch again.  I found myself wondering how many people would actually bring up that bit of personal information over dinner, early into a first date, how difficult it will be for the producers to find a steady supply of virgins for the show, and if there will be a future episode entitled "Losing It".  :-) 

Now before you start hitting the comment button in righteous indignation over my assumption that adult virgins are few and far between, be aware that my commentary is somewhat tongue in cheek.  Still, good or bad, it happens a lot more frequently and at a much younger age than it did back in my day... and if you've slept with seven different guys can you really get up one morning and just decide to "reclaim" your prior status?  Hmmmm.   Most surely my good friend The Ranting Monkey will have something to say about this! 

Note: I'm sharing this post on Sunday Scribblings since today's writing prompt is "wit," which prompted my reactions to the show. Drop by Sunday Scribblings and see what witty things other bloggers have to say.


  1. I think you can reclaim your virginity surgically..but not internally perhaps..and who needs to know! Brings to mind 'The Breakfast Club'..good write..made me smile..along with a little eww Jae ;)

  2. I am not generally keen on shows like this; normally avoiding them, however you just got to see it once, I suppose.
    Thanks for your opinions and insight. An interesting read!

  3. The problem is that if we continue to watch programs like this they will get worse and worse. True entertainment is getting scarce at the expense of mindless shock to boost ratings.

  4. Lol, you know me so well. My view on this, and a trailer for the show, is up on my blog.

    Hope you enjoy.

  5. Oh goodie! A show about Born Again Virgins? Wow -- who woulda thunk it!

    Seriously -- who did think it was a good idea?

    Sad. Love your write though -- love the idea for a future show... Losing it... :) tee hee


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