Two Small Steps

My friend Louise Gallagher has started a new blog this year entitled "A Year of Making A Difference".  It will chronicle her desire to effect two actions in her life that are closely intertwined... those being to be fully present and to do something each day to make a difference in the world. I encourage you to check out her blog and to consider making this journey with her.  I know that reading her  posts definitely helps me to be more conscious of my responses to my own life and to those around me. 

Doing something to make a difference... it doesn't have to be something monumental, think "random acts of kindess".  One of my favorite quotations is an exhortation from Mother Teresa to "Do small things with great love."  Exactly!  Louise provides some wonderful examples of how that can be done in the course of being out and about each day.  I thought to myself, ok, but what if I am at home and don't go out at all today.  How can I do something to make a difference?  The answer sits right here before me... my laptop and Internet connection to the world.  I can reach out to folks on Facebook and in the blogworld and leave a friendly comment or note of encouragement. I can share a picture that will bring a smile.  I can send an email to someone I know is struggling.  I can send a stranger a message telling them something I like about their blog. 

When my former boss called on the phone today requesting a bit of information, I chose to greet him and respond out of genuine caring and provide helpful answers instead of grumbling inwardly and feeling resentful that I wasn't appreciated as much as I should have been when I worked there.  I want him to know that it's ok to call me with questions, so I conveyed that with my attitude and my voice. I felt good about it and I'm sure he did too. It has been said that if you smile when you are talking on the phone, the person at the other end can sense it in your tone... you sound more cheerful.  I am going to work harder to be cheerful in responding to others.

I have known for many years that my purpose on this earth in is to encourage others.  I can't do that if I am grumbling about life, and doing my best to avoid interaction.  We reap what we sew.  If I reach out to others, I believe that the Universe will respond in kind. 

Being fully present...  that's a bit more challenging for me, I will write about next time.


  1. Good for you and yes, there should be a lot less grumbling around here too although that's not my New Year's resolution just a generally hopeful wish.

  2. It isn't easy, that's for sure, Maddy. Grumbling comes so easy to me. I grumble and then I get over it, but I'd like to get past that initial negative response and start looking at things in a better light. It's going to be baby steps, but self-awareness and the desire are a good place to start.


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