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Do you believe in the paranormal?  I have since a young age, not from any particular experience but from some inner awareness that life existed beyond the tangible realm and continues after transition back to the spirit world.

Readers who've been with me in past years will recall my stories of the ghost in our bedroom, though she hasn't visited lately and I wonder if maybe she has finally found her way home to a place of peace. I'm sure she is content in the knowledge that John is well cared for and loved. 

Last year John had an experience when he was alone at work one evening where he clearly heard the voices of children running and playing though no one was present in the building and the fenced/gated yard around it was vacant as well.

My husband and I both enjoy watching the various "ghostbuster" reality shows on tv, most recently catching up on reruns of Paranormal State which provides viewers with more related information about the paranormal and the occult than some of the others do.

One of the things that concerns me in these shows is the intermixing of tales about ghosts... people who are no longer living but appear to be still be around in some form, and demons... something altogether different and dangerous.  When I see people  playing with Ouija boards, seances, and such, without a true knowledge of where these things can lead, it frightens me for them.  Ignorance does not guarantee protection from evil.

Do I believe in demons? I most certainly do. At one time I was married to a very disturbed individual who was a practicing Satanist, not just in the adolescent form of lip service and ritual, but in the true sense of the word.  Initially I was fascinated, but very shortly I learned the meaning of fear... darkness... evil... terror.  I watched what happened to him, to our home, to our lives, and even to the lives of people around him.  He is no longer among the living, and he is the one and only case in which I can honestly say I am relieved by that.  I saw things that I will never glorify by speaking of or writing down, horrifying things.  If God is real, if love is real, then also the opposite - evil incarnate is real, and so are the forces of evil... demonic forces. 

In watching the shows on tv I note that most often such occurrences involve individuals who are deeply saddened, troubled, burdened, emotionally unstable.  Chaotic lives and chaotic environments lead to spiritual distress as well.  And it is upon such individuals that dark forces seem to prey.  Just as animal predators will seek out the weak and wounded.  When individuals being attacked by dark forces are aided in standing up to  and repelling them, things change, and most often the evil is dispelled.  This, I believe, is because God is stronger than satan, good is stronger than evil, love is stronger than hate, and light will always overcome darkness.  We only need to proclaim that power to ensure it.

My admonition is that, despite natural curiosity and the desire to be in  contact with those who are no longer present... don't play with these things if you don't know what you are doing. Don't risk the possibility of opening doors to the spirit world that you don't know how to close, doors that can allow the passage of more than just the souls of the departed.  It is possible for demonic forces to disguise themselves as a loved one who has crossed over, or as small innocent child rather than the terrifying beast that it actually is.  Follow your instincts and your heart... "by their fruits you shall know them".   It is fairly easy to discern a comforting presence from a disturbed one, and a lost soul from a malevolent one. If it doesn't feel right... surround yourself with the protection of God's love and banish it from your presence.  Your well being depends on it.


  1. "Ignorance does not guarantee protection from evil."

    Hear. Hear.

    Well said Josie.

  2. So very well said, Josie. Now if only everyone would heed your wise words. Something similar happened with my daughter but not nearly the extreme incidents you experienced. Her love interest was just a novice, dappling in something he had no business being involved in. I believe it was because of God working through me, I saw it where she couldn't....We protected her, we said prayers, and did other cleansings people suggested...and God's angels protected me because I had faith. All is well now and has been for some time. Your post was dead on accurate. God Bless you and yours, forever and ever, dear one.

  3. Thank you Louise, As I think about it now, that statement actually applies to life on a much larger scale. I think of the times you and I have both put our lives in great danger acting in a state of ignorance, not wanting to heed the warning signs that were all around.

  4. I truly appreciate your comment Val! This post was born out of my uneasiness about how innocently people get pulled into very bad situations thru intrigue. I anticipated that most readers would roll their eyes and wonder what tangent I had gone off on now. If you've been thru it, you know it's real. That's all there is to say. Your friendship means a great deal to me. I so wish you lived next door!

  5. Well said. My friends and I used to make up stories about paranormal activity in our street and freaked out when something from one of those stories happened to me... but I'm too cautious to tamper with things I don't know. Ignorance in devices such as ouija bords can only lead to trouble when used.

  6. The spirit world is real, we just can't see it. May I suggest "When Pigs Move In" by Don Dickerman. It is one of the best books I have ever read. It is about evil spirits and how they get into people's lives and how to get rid of them. Powerful book. This man was, may still be, a Chaplain in the Texas state prisons. He has also written "Keeping the Pigs Out."

  7. Hi Cheree, nice to see you here! You're right innocent curiousity about such things can lead to serious consequences. Once someone experiences the real thing they realize quickly it is not child's play!

  8. Absolutely Tee, undeniably real. The book you mention sounds very interesting. I'm going to have to check that out. Thank you for the suggestion!


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