More Precious Than Diamonds

It has been said that there are two kinds of people... those who use people and love things, and those who love people and use things. 

I am sitting here in the quiet house with a cup of wonderful blueberry lemon tea, furkids snoozing all around me, and smiling at the goodness of life.  I am so very blessed, not in what I have - though I have all I need and more than many, but rather blessed by the people I have in my life. 

One of the dumbest things I do, the most self-damaging, is to cut myself off from people at the times when I am struggling with life. I do the bear thing... I hibernate. I shut down communication with the outside world. When I finally come out of my funk, regroup, and haul myself back into the light, I am amazed by the circle of friends who surround me with love, support, encouragement, and humor.  People of all ages, from all backgrounds, from all walks of life, and from all over the world.  To think that I so often feel isolated and all alone, and yet I know all these amazing people who are there to interact with me if I will only reach out and connect with them!

In recent months I have managed, by the grace of God, to repair a couple relationships that fell by the wayside years ago, it it has been so healing! I realize how much I missed having these people in my life.  They each add their own special spice to the mix.  That's the key... each person brings something different to my life, and indeed each person in themselves is multi-faceted, bringing not just one gift such as humor or insight, but many gifts depending on the moment and the situation at hand.

My friends, both real world, and cyber world, are multi-faceted and brilliant... they are precious like diamonds! I run briefly thru the catalog of people in my heart, and I could list the characteristics of each smiling face that makes them dear to me, the things that make them uniquely themselves, the things I treasure them for.  A colorful collection of saints and sinners, those who have found their way, and those who are still seeking. From each and every one of them I draw life, energy, love and understanding. I learn from them and I learn with them.  I cry with them, I laugh with them, I sometimes grumble with them, and sometimes cheer with them. Their struggles touch my heart and I lift them up in my prayers, and I know they do the same for me.

Sometimes when I feel alone in life, and I flip open my laptop to find a bunch of friendly emails, texts, and FB greetings, a wealth of friendly folks who have reached out to me, I suspect this must be a tiny glimpse of what Heaven is like... being in the company of all those you love!

To each of you, I apologize for all the times I have neglected you, abandoned you, growled at you from my bear cave when you tried to come near. I want you to know that you are indeed more precious than diamonds in my life.  I pledge to remember to reach out more often... to leave a sign for you so that you will also know you are loved and never alone. This year, I am choosing to live by choices not by chance. 

Thank you, each of you, for being a friend.  You are bright and shining in my world!


  1. Oh how I know the feeling of the bear cave. Mine is where I go to wallow in self pity. And I always feel a bit like an ass when I emerge to all the great friends I have that put up with me.

  2. Good grief....I could have written this, it's so close to how I feel. I think we may be twins, although I'm the much older one. LOL What I have discovered about blogging is that just when you think no one else could possibly how you'll find out that there are so many who know EXACTLY what you're going through. What a wonderful world! Hugs.

  3. That's so true Frank, I embarass myself by that awareness too. Friends and caring surround us, if we are humble enough to say, "Hey, I am feeling a little sucky at the moment, any hugs out there?" We like to appear so in control, so invincible, and in truth we are merely mortal, and our wellbeing is intricately entwined with one another.

  4. LOL Val, not that much older my dear! I purchased my senior citizen movie ticket without a bit of hesitation from the ticket office clerk. Geesh, it would have been kinda nice if he questioned me! From things you have shared in the past, I think we feel and experience life very much the same. One of the most amazing things that happened in my life when I entered the blogsphere and began to make friends was the discovery that I wasn't so alien after all, that there are more people who feel the same, experience the same, and approach life the same as I do. We family, we are are tribe. I belong! :-)


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