The Road Goes On

What a week it's been!  First - some updates on recent posts...

On Wednesday I observed the somber sight of Joe's truck loaded on a trailer along with his tool chests as Our Service Manager (who was also Joe's supervisor) headed out of the company parking lot and down the highway to return them to Joe's family in Arkansas.  He stayed to attend graveside services on Friday. Joe served in the Air Force and was a veteran of the War in Iraq. His burial took place in the military cemetary at Ft. Smith. My prayers are with his family.

On a much brighter note, Best Buy called on Wednesday to inform me that my new iPhone had arrived and was ready to be pick up. That was fast, and it didn't cost me a penny.  The insurance for these phones is great, and worth the price. I was so happy to have it back. It was surprising how cumbersome my old phone seemed after the ease of navigating my iPhone. Somedays I wonder how we ever survived without cellphones and the Internet. They certainly make life much easier, and have opened up so many doors!

As of Friday morning our Office Manager was no longer employed.  Much occured this week leading up to that.  All I can and will say is that I am not sorry she is gone. Working with her was extremely "challenging", making it hard to face each day.  The hard part starts now, as I face the prospect of orienting to what will be my sixth supervisor in less than two years!!  After they find, hire, and train one. I have no  voice in the selection process, though I wish I did.  I am praying the sixth one is the charm!?! My office coworker and I were pleased that  a part-time filing/phones person has been hired and will start Monday, and possibly another one to come.  That will help tremendously as we each take on more work once again, to cover the vacant position.

The oppressive heat and drought here are depressing.  Each day in the coming week is to again be over 100 degrees F.  Yes, it is a "dry heat", with zero humidity, but it is overpowering none the less, and one does not stay out in it for long. My body has little tolerance for heat and it quickly makes me ill.  We have had no measureable rain in the past six months. Grassfires are a daily occurance, and since we live surrounded by dry pasture land, it is worrisome.  It only takes one careless act to destroy hundreds of acres and property. My daughter commented recently that she cannot live where it is brown and dry, that it makes her feel dead too.  I relate to that, and I greatly miss the lakes and trees of easter-river Dakota where I grew up. (I do not miss the mosquitos and snow from October to April.)  My daughter chooses to remain in San Antonio where there is plenty of green and water to be found, despite the heat. She is licensed as an RN in Texas, and transferring it to another state is a hassle, so at least for now she stays, although alone in the big city and still missing having a significant other in her life, since her former husband left over a year ago. I keep praying that God will send a good guy in her direction soon.

Next Saturday my husband is leaving for a nine-day vacation to East Texas to spend time visiting his great aunt, his sister, two of his three daughters, and four of his grandchildren.  He has more vacation time than I do, so this is a good way for him to use it and he is so looking forward to the trip and to getting away.  He would have liked me to join him, but with the current situation at work, if I had planned to go, it would have been cancelled, as one person can not run the office alone. We haven't ever been apart for that long, and I already dread it.  He is sad about that too. Travelling together is so much more fun, and spending the nights alone just plain sucks.  It is difficult to sleep well when the one you love is not beside you. The furkids and I will survive though, and will rejoice when he returns safely home again.  This will be a busy week as we get things organized and ready for him to go.  No doubt there will be a bit more time for blogging in his absence. ;-)

Our two kittens, now four months old, are growing long and tall and are on the go constantly, playing and wrestling, and generally functioning as a house demolition duo.  It is worse than having two toddlers in the house, but they are a source of great amusement and affection to both of us and to the three adult cats who are amazingly tolerant of their antics!  They have determined that Stormy, the grumpy 14-year old patriarch of our furry clan, is their protector, and much to his disgruntlement can often be found napping (recharinging their batteries) snuggled up next to him. I will take some new photos to post soon.  Their four siblings are also doing great in their respective new homes.  I am glad they were adopted in pairs. Life is much nicer when you have a playmate! :-)

One more happy note, before I get up and start moving on laundry, dishes, and such... yesterday my niece caught at 29" walleye at a lake in Minnesota where she lives!  She is dear to my heart and has gone thru some very dark times in recent years, so I'm delighted to see her happy in her new relationship and enjoying things such as fishing that she's never done before.  My father, her grandfather, would have been so proud of her. He loved fishing more than anything else!  I just know he had to be smiling.  She looked great in the photo, healthy and happy, proudly displaying her giant fish.  I thank God for seeing her thru, as He does for each and every one of us! 

And, as I said to my boss on Friday afternoon... "On we go."  Who knows where the road will take us next.

Note: This week's writing prompt at Sunday Scribblings was "the next step". Most often in my life, the next step is a matter of putting one foot in front of the other and seeing where it leads.  This post was written in response to that journey, indeed that's what this blog is all about! Check out some other great posts about "the next step" over at Sunday Scribblings.


  1. I love hte breezy newsiness of this post -- just lovely!

    Have a great weekend -- sorry about your heat. You are welcome to send some our way!!!!


  2. Wendy, my friend who lives in Monahans visited recently and was in awe of our green grass and land. We have been blessed with rain. It is getting very hot and humid though. John will be coming my way, I live in Kaufman. Hope the new boss works out.

  3. Josie, As to your future new supervisor -- I recommend you "pray" him/her in, asking God for just the right person for the job.

    I started praying like this when our neighbor was trying to sell her house. She was not the best neighbor, so I started praying for the next one. And, God has blessed us richly with wonderful Christian new neighbors who are now like family. Then our boss left, so I prayed for my future new boss...and then she came and she is really good for our team.

    The Write Soil

  4. G'day Josie. I too enjoyed the flow and news of your writing. Family orientated which I can identify with. Sorry to hear about your work mate Joe. that is terrible. I don't have a phone myself being a bit of a technophobe in some areas, the washing machine ate my first and last one, hehehe. When my hubby does night shift or is away from home I feel like you do about sleeping alone, I am a sook.
    Good luck with the new supervisor, I know what it is like to have a not so pleasant one of those to work with too.

  5. How sad about Joe. It certainly puts everything in a more proper perspective.

    I hope you'll have better luck eith the new supervisor too. Something must be going wrong with the selection process even higher above if that's the 6th in 2 years.

  6. I am sorry about your friend and co-worker. It really hurts to lose someone from your work family. Speaking of work --- good heavens Jos---another supervisor left? And that one was not easy to work with, either? Why don't YOU just take the know you can do it, and that way, you will have the say in whom you hire under you...

    Just an idea.

    Have a happy week, in spite of all that's going on around you.

    Big hugs. :)

  7. Louise - I was feeling much lighter and brighter after the turn of events at work. I would love to trade some of our heat for some of your cool weather. Alternating days would be lovely! :-)

  8. Hi Kristi! I find myself really longing for the green, green grass of home this year because it is so very very dry here. We actually have sand drifting across our yard and overtaking the edges of the road!

  9. Dawn - I like your approach to effecting positive changes! As of this morning a new Office Manager has already been hired. We got to meet and greet her. Now she's on her way to our home office in another city for 3 days of training, then will be in our office beginning on Friday. She is young but seemed friendlly enough, will be praying she's nice to work with!

  10. Amanda - you are so right that Joe's death was a powerful reminder to all of us of how short and precious life is, and how important it is to be on good terms with those you love.

    Yes, there are definitely some stumbling blocks in the hiring process, and I've given what input I am allowed, which isn't much. SIGH

  11. Linda - it amuses me how connected we've become to those phones, but they make communication so much easier, especially for working spouses or kids scattered around. My daughter usually is the one who introduces us to new "must have" gadgets or I'd probably never seek them out! :-)

    You are right about supervisors, they can make work fun or make it hell, all depending on their attitude and ability to lead.

  12. Jamie - I know that a string of six supervisors in such a short time seems absurd. It does to me too. There are some legitimate reasons for each departure, but their are issues on both sides that contribute to the failed dynamics. I am hoping the selection process has been refined a bit because of it?!! I do not have the accounting background needed for the position, nor would I take it if I did, as the expectations require a larger piece of my life than I would be willing to give. I work to live, and not the other way around, as I did when I was younger. The new Office Manager hired today seemed friendly enough, and we are going to do our darnedest to make it work! All this orienting new people is mighty tiring!! :-)

  13. beautiful write.

    check out our short story slam today.

  14. I like newsy updates and can watch anybody's family photos endlessly. Looking for the family connections I never had I suppose. Sorry for your heat and unending drought. After 3 kittens, I swore 'no more'. My next kitties will be the older variety. thanks.


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