The Gift

This week's Sunday Scribblings writing prompt is "give/gift/giving/gave".  I thought long and hard about the many awesome gifts I've received in my 55-plus years of life, and what I realized is that it is not the material gifts that stand out, but rather the gifts of the heart, the gifts of self that have given me wonderful memories, added something special to my life or changed it in meaningful ways. 

One gift stands out above all others because it's a gift I dreamed of for so long, never believing it is something I would really have in my life.... the gift of my husband... the gift of being truly and unconditionally loved. Having experienced several relationships that proved to be something so different than what I initially believed they were, I had come to the conclusion that all men were decietful and not to be trusted. I was certain that love was only a temporary state of lust and that once the lustre wore off, the harsh reality would surface and shatter your heart.

It is only after meeting John, marrying him, and being with for three years now that I have come to the realization that I never even knew what real love was before I met him. I knew how to love, but I did not know what it meant to be loved, to feel loved, to wake up knowing I am loved, and to go to sleep knowing that I am loved.  That is a gift far more precious to me than anything I own and one I will treasure for all the days to come.

Oh, and the picture above... it's heart John drew in the snow for me when we went home to South Dakota a year ago in the bitter cold weather of January to attend my father's funeral. Even then, at that very sad time, he knew what to do to make me smile and feel warm inside.  Thank you Lord, for this man that I love, this one who loves me!


  1. The gift of love is sacred, priceless, irreplaceable. It makes you realise there is still joy to be had in this world. I am glad you have ben given that gift. It is a wonderful thing!

  2. This brought tears to my eyes because I related to it so thoroughly. My dear husband departed this life two years ago, but I had 65 years of a totally loving man.

  3. It's like trying to describe just how delicious pizza is. Until you've tasted it, you can't know....

  4. Has it been 3 years already? :) :)

  5. I got tears in my eyes and goosebumps at the same time, reading this. You and John are blessed, and realize it. Wonderful.


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