Make Your Own Kind of Music

JL Dodge over at Dodge Writes  just started a new writing prompt called Tales of Tuesday.  Using "music" as her theme for this week, she has written an incredibly moving story about her life, and the roles both music and and writing have played in it.  Like many of us, she is a survivor, having come thru some very dark times to a place of personal joy and contentment.  She writes wonderful poetry, and is once again making music with the help of a beautiful guitar that has been given to her.  This is a story worth reading, it will uplift you and you will want to cheer her on in her efforts to reclaim was was once taken from her.  Rather than write my own tale about music today, I encourage you to read hers. While you're there, you can read my comment on her post, as I got "a little" carried away and pretty much ended up blogging in her comment box, talking a bit about the role of music in my life too.  And if you're looking for a new place to share your poetry or prose, check out Dodge Writes... she has great daily prompts to inspire you!


  1. Love following JL. Dont even remember how I came across her. But boy let me tell you she surely ahs brought a bit of joy back inot my life. Love following her. Havent been there today. Guess I better get to hoppin'

  2. I popped over to Dodge and found some sweet music!

    Thanks my friend.

    And I loved your comment blog too!

  3. Josie you lovely friend ! You can blog in my comments ANYTIME !! I was moved to tears to read your story, you never need worry if your comments are long, I TRULY enjoy them.

    I want you to know that I am over the top happy that you are relearning your music I am humbled that give me credit for more inspiration because I have been more inspiried through your prompts than I can express. SO Happy monday and wednesdays prompts are back !!

    Here I go being long winded, but I also want to thank you for the plugs to our blog...YOU ROCK !!

    ENJOY !


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