Gonna Miss Him

It's time for a round of Six Word Saturday and here's what I have to say...

Husband headed east, missing him already!

After he gets off work today, my husband is headed to east Texas to spend a week visiting with his beloved great-aunt who is 92, his sister (and only sibling), two of his daughters, and four of his grandchildren.  I won't see him again for ten days... until a week from Monday after work.  He has more vacation time than I do, since I haven't been at my job that long, and this is a great way for him to spend some of it - with people he loves and doesn't get to see very often.  He is excited about the trip and I am happy for him too, in fact I suggested it. I'm also glad he will have a much-needed break from his work, he puts in long hours on his feet every day and it's exhausting.

Still... it is hard for me to see him go. This is the longest time we will have been apart.  I am thankful for devices like our iPhones and the Internet which make it easy for us to stay in touch the whole time, but it will be too quiet and lonely here at the house.  Already last night one of our cats was crying at the bedroom door as he was inside packing his clothes. It was as if she knows that her favorite lap buddy was about to abandon her for a bit.  Tonight I will have all the furkids juggling for places on and around me on the sofa, including the ones that usually prefer his lap. Cats are acutely aware of someone missing from their daily routines.

In the past, it has usually been me that has gone on road trips. In my past marriage I would travel to Dakota to visit family or friends and be gone one or two weeks. Most often I couldn't wait to go and dreaded returning home to the same issues and struggles.  Instead of absence making the heart grow fonder, the temporary freedom just convinced me all the more that I felt trapped in a marriage that wasn't working.

It is so different now, and I am grateful for that, even if it means being lonely for a week or so. We part with sadness and will eagerly count down the days until we are back together.  We both would have much rather made this trip together, had that been possible.  When we are not at our respective jobs, we spend 95% of our free time together, because that's what we most enjoy.  I am blessed to be married to my best friend and soulmate. 

I look forward to the pictures and stories he will bring home to share with me, and I smile in the awareness that we will spend our nights talking on the phone before falling asleep, just as we did for hours each night when we first met, before I moved to Texas and married him. 

Now I'm going to do a bit of blog reading, then get dressed and head off to town for a little shopping before it gets hotter here.  Every day has been well over a hundred, reaching 109 yesterday! It's supposed to again today.  That makes it miserable to be outside running around.  I could do some major housecleaning in his absence.... but you all know I'll probably be spending my alone time right here in blogland! :-))

Note: This post is for Six Word Saturday, why don't you join us there!


  1. What a lovely post -- and what a beautiful gift your love is.

    100 degrees huh? We're luck if we can reach the low 60s...

    Love the photo btw.

  2. I hope that your time apart will go quickly. But it sounds like the... absence will even make the heart grow fonder... as you both realize how much you enjoy being with each other.

    My hubby is my best friend too. I hate it when we are apart for any length of time.

    Next month is our 35th Anniversary. I am looking forward to celebrating together.

    Stay out of that scorching hot sunshine today! And enjoy whatever you do.

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  3. Aww, I'd miss my hubby too for that long. But, I guess sometimes it's good to be apart once in awhile. Happy blogging while he's away. Visiting from 6WS.

  4. You are a special person. I feel it through your writings and how unselfishly you encouraged your husband to spend time with family that he loves and does not see very often. Even though you were not able to go along with him, you wanted him to have that trip for himself!

    I am so happy for you that you found real love.

  5. Sorry you're missing him...Hope this time passes quickly for you! (Found your blog from Six Word Saturday!)

  6. I don't blame you for missing your husband. I would too! Not your husband, but MY husband! LOL!! Great 6WS!

  7. Your love for your husband shines through in this post and makes it a pleasure to read.

    Lucky you to find the special one the second time around. Hope your time apart passes quickly for you and the furkids

  8. That's a long time to be away from your best friend/soulmate. I hope it passes quickly.

    I'd love to hear something about life with that oil well or whatever it is that's planted in your view.


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