Blessed Are My Blog Buddies

This week's Write A Letter Wednesday assignment is to write a letter to an individual or group of people who have played an important role in your life, or someone you miss.  Here's my letter...

Dearest Blog Buddies,

To call you buddies or friends doesn't do justice to the depth of my feelings for you, for in truth you have been more family to me than the family I was born into.  During what proved to be the very darkest and most difficult years of my life, you were there for me, listening to my anger and my anguish, soothing my fears, guiding me toward the light, encouraging me on, and giving me a place where I felt safe to share all the turmoil I was experiencing.  I know beyond a doubt that had it not been for the caring and camaraderie our little group of blog buddies shared, for the laughter and the tears, for the gentle words, and sometimes the harsh ones I needed to hear, I would not have survived that time, and I would not be here now. 

I think about how I often came home on Friday after work and didn't speak to another living soul until I returned to work on Monday  morning.  At those loneliest of times, all I had to do was climb into the comfort of my favorite chair at the computer desk, sign into my blog, and instantly connect with people from around the country and even across the waters, that I knew cared about me and understood what I was going thru.  Anyone who says blog friends aren't "real friends" hasn't had the experience that I have. My blog family knows far more about who I was and who I am than anyone in "real life", with the exception now of my new and much beloved husband.

I believe that God sends people into our lives for a reason. Those we encounter are not by accident or mere coincidence.  As surely as I live and breathe, God sent each of you to me as angels to help me mend my own broken wings and learn to fly again.  My blog back then was called "Picking Up Pieces", remember?  And indeed that's just what you helped me do... sort thru the broken pieces of my life, discarding what was no longer right, and helping me to rebuild myself into something strong and able to love again, and ready to be loved.  Your gifts of endless patience, encouragement, laughter, and even shared commiseration, were the vitamins that fed my soul!

We have all changed a lot in just a few years, in ways most of us never dreamed of.  For some of us life has gotten so much better, for others it has been a hard road with  many challenges yet ahead.  The bonds of love and friendship we built back then remain with us now, and keep us ever mindful that there are always those to whom we are important, who can see our inner beauty even when we can't see it ourselves, and who will stand by us and encourage us, and hold our hands when we are afraid. 

I just wanted to take this moment to say thank you once again, although the words can never be enough.  You saved my life... and I will always hold you in  my heart!  And to those of that small circle who no longer blog with us, but I know linger still and hopefully sometimes lurk, I say, come back to us now and then... leave a comment or a post, or even just a word or two to let us know how you are doing.  We love you and we care, we will always care! Blessed are my blog buddies, they truly are my angels!


Josie Two Shoes

Note: Why don't you stop by Write A Letter Wednesday sometime this week and leave a link to a letter of your own!  There's some great letters by other bloggers linked up there too!


  1. This is truly an extremely moving letter. for me. As Im still what you would call new to the blog world. Still a baby in arms as I havent evn been blogging coming up on 7 months. I am learnign qucikly what wonderful friends and the blog world community truly are. If you would have told me I would have found it hard to understand. But it is truly enriching my life in ways I have never dreamed. Thank you for being a part of mine and sharing your with me. I didnt know you then but I do see your heart. Thank you for being that friend to me Josie.
    As you said to me Sister and friend!

  2. Blogging friends are absolutely lifetime friends. True friendship is a kindred of spirit and that never dies. Yes, I do know how far you traveled and how hard it was. We both traveled much the same road. God has blessed us.

    I don't blog as much anymore but I do lurk. I remember each and everyone of my blog friends and picture you all in the light.

    I'm now cancer free and beginning to rejoin the world.

    Remember you are especially special to me.

  3. This is a beautiful letter and while I have only been a 'blog buddy' for a short while, I am so very grateful that you have come onto my path to share your beauty and light.

    Thanks my friend!

  4. I will never forget finding a hippie I like. That kind of thing doesn't happen every day because most hippies are hypocrites. They don't want judged but are quick to judge anyone that doesn't share their philosophy.

    You were different. While you obviously didn't share my loathing of humanity, you've never judged me harshly because of it. Sure, we've disagreed, but always with mutual respect. The hippie and the monkey!

    I can't say when but I will write again one day. While I write to entertain myself, it always makes my day when I see I have entertained you as well.

    Love ya lady!

  5. Beautiful. Nothing more need be said. Love--right back 'atcha! :)

  6. I'm honored to be part of that group. Wouldn't I love to meet each one of my friends in person... we are true friends! You know I couldn't be happier with how your life has turned around; you have been blessed. So has John! And we're blessed to know each other.

  7. Josie,
    This is a wonderful letter of love !
    You are so full of wonder for me, I am so happy to call you friend !

    Thank you so much for all you do and who you are, YOU ROCK SISTER !!!

  8. and I'm so grateful to have found YOU too. So many things in our lives are so much alike...its downright scary. While I have not found my soul-mate as you have, I am so much happier now...being out of an abusive marriage. Your writing is deep and inspirational and I really do feel like we are soul-sisters. Yes, we sure could relate to a lot while we sit at your kitchen table drinking coffee and eating cinnamon buns! (I say yours because then I could love up on all your kitties). God Bless you, W, your happiness spills over onto all of your soul-sisters. Big, big hugs.

  9. I can definitely relate to your letter, Josie.

    You've also given a lot of support and have been a wonderful bloggy friend. I could never thank enough.

  10. Thank you everyone for all the lovely responses that warm my heart... this is exactly why I love you all! Nothing has the ability to make us smile so easily as comments from our friends popping up on our blogs! I too wish we could have a great meet up and I could talk to each one of you face to face. How lovely that would be!

  11. i'm always late to the party -- but still on top of things when it comes to those ole days and laughin thru the pain. i still look back on some of the few things that float thru my mind at times - like joz the hero -- puttin out fires :)) makes me laugh every time. you don't ever leave my thoughts for long lady-
    this letter brought back so much for me. i miss those days sometimes - but life goes on-
    it makes me so happy for you that yours took the direction it has.
    i love you my soul sistah-
    never forget -
    you are the original!

    have a happy day in your world!


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