Bits and Pieces

  • I liked the chocolate brown background on my blog, but it was so dark that it was straining my eyes, and probably hurting your eyes to read my lengthy scribbles too, so I've changed to this instead. It feels lighter, I hope you like it!
  • I am so missing my beloved husband... five nights down, four more to go. He's having a wonderful time with his family though, so it's all good, and I will probably live until he returns home Monday night.  He's missing me too, the reunion will be sweet!
  • I think our new office supervisor might just be a winner!  She's 40, intelligent, poised, and very personable, we like  her a lot... everyone does so far!  A major contrast to what we had previously.  The mood in the office is upbeat and "we can do it"!
  • It makes me so angry when people toss their gum on the ground for others to step on.  I had lots of "fun" removing some lovely pink gum from the bottom of my sandal today. The same goes for those who spit on the ground, toss trash, cigarette butts, disposable diapers, etc.... gross, gross, gross! Thoughtless and lazy too!
  • Our awesome truck sales lady sent some important papers FedEx to another city in Texas to the north of us.  Where did they end up instead?  HONG KONG! I kid you not!  How the heck did that happen?
  • Had a great conversation with my daughter late last night, and an awesome one tonight with one of the three daughters I acquired when I married John.  I am blessed to have these wonderful young women as my family.  How sweet it is that they value my presence in their lives and enjoy our conversations as much as I do.  I am so glad that long distance calls are no longer charged by the minutes... I would have to take on a second job! :-)
  • Tomorrow is Friday and I'm so glad it is!  It has been a long week.  I work much harder at this job than I ever have before for half as much pay. I work Saturday morning this week too, but a half-day passes quickly.  I am ready for the weekend, even if I have more work to do here at home.  I like being my own boss!
  • Heat and I do not agree, that makes our hot summer days here in Texas pretty miserable for me.  I live indoors for the most part, only venturing out for  brief moments in the sun.  I am always glad for the Summer Solstice as this means the daylight will be a bit shorter each day.  By fall I will be able to spend more time outside. I need to live in a mild, tropical climate... preferably with lots of money so I won't have to work! :-)
  • Nothing says love like five furkids scrambling for the door when they hear my key in the lock each afternoon.  They each wait to be petted and greeted by name, and then of course it is time for supper... I'm sure that has nothing to do with their eagerness to see me! :-)
  • On that note, I'm headed to the hot tub for a little moonlit soak time. It does wonders to relax me and clear my mind for sleep. The hot tub turns out to be one of the major expenses I most happy about making. I would be sad to be without it. Great for old achy bodies and stressed out minds!
  • It has been wonderful to have a little extra alone time for blogging this week, every situation presents blessings if we look for them!


  1. The background looks beautiful. Great list. :)

  2. I'm happy you have had extra blogging time too, but I know you will be happier when John gets home, so I will be, too.

    Have a wonderful TGIF. I know I will. :)

  3. I love the new look!

    And HOng Kong huh? Wow


  4. Yes, I agree. I love the new lighter look. Nice!

    Great about the new boss, could make things so much less stressful.

    I am not good in the heat. I could never live in Texas!

    Nothing like your pets greeting you when u come home.

    Can't wait for John to get home to you!

  5. Nice background! I have been working a ton of overtime but I need the money, trying to pay bills and keep the kids fed is tough!


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