Z is for Zebra

I started the A-Z Blogging Challenge at the beginning of April with A is for Aardvark.  Therefore, it seems only fitting that I end it with the classic Z is for Zebra... like the one peering inside our truck in the photo above!

Last June I took my husband to Glen Rose, Texas for a long birthday weekend stay in a wonderful little cabin on the Paluxy River.  One of the places we visited while there was the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center.

It's a drive-thru animal preserve with a long winding road that takes you past all kinds of animals, both common and exotic.  

The fun part is the feed you can purchase at the tourist center to hand-feed the animals enroute.

Believe me, they know you've got it and come right up to the truck window for a treat, often sticking their heads inside.  While the brochure warns you they can bite, and not to feed them from your hand, everyone does and it's such great fun!

The animals roam free within the confines of the preserve and they literally swarm the slow moving line of  tourist vehicles at some of the road crossings, knowing that there are plenty of treats to be garnered. 

They are so used to human contact that they show little fear, and I swear some of them actually enjoy posing for pictures. This guy looks like he's wearing a toupee!  We had a great time and will definitely return for another tour the next time we're in the area.

This brings our month-long A-Z blogging community adventure to an end. I've totally loved reading all kinds of wonderful posts and making some new friends along the way! Now I wish it was possible for us all to gather somewhere for a 3-day weekend where we could meet each other and get to know the faces behind the blogs. That would be a great adventure indeed!


  1. You got them all done! Yey! A blogger's get away would be awesome indeed.

  2. I love this series -- you inspire me!

    Thank you

  3. Sophie, we did it! Congratulations! I have an award for you!!

  4. You made my best of A-Z list.

    Check out my post at the link below.

    InspiredbyLisa – Best of the A-Z Challenge

  5. Well done Josie, you finished! Great work and I've enjoyed reading your blog. Now to finish reading everyone elses!



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