T is for Terrifying

T is for Terrifying.  Nothing is more terrifying than a bad dream that awakens you in the middle of the night, shivering and shaken. The Monday Memories prompt for this week is to write about a dream or nightmare we remember. It's incredible how vivid the details of a dream can be and how well we remember them days, weeks, sometimes even years later.

When I was still living at home, my Mother had a nightmare about being in a horrible car accident with a couple who were their friends.  The following weekend, when they were supposed to go out with this couple for the evening, the friends arrived at our house dressed exactly as they were in her dream. She refused to go.  My father was furious with her, but I think I would have felt the same as she did.

One of the most terrifying nightmares I've had in  recent years occurred when I was living in an apartment on my own, prior to meeting my husband.  I dreamt that my daughter was dead and lying in a body bag on the floor in the doorway of the guest bedroom of my apartment.  It shook me so badly that I can still clearly recall every image and detail.  She was going thru a really hard time in her life right then, so I suppose my mind was reacting to my stress and worry. Still, I was glad to move away from that place, knowing that dream can never become a reality.

Like all of us, I've also had some interesting dreams... deja vu experiences where I dream something, and then as it happens in real life I recall dreaming that I said or did that exact thing! It's puzzling to say the least.  Some dreams repeat themselves over and over, especially if we are trying to work thru some situation in our lives. Over the years I've dreamt about a large house in great detail and in being there for various reasons, yet to the best of my knowledge I've never visited this house in real life and I don't know where it is.  I wonder if it really does exist somewhere, or if it's been entirely fabricated in my mind!

I love dreams where you find yourself meeting up with people you haven't seen in a long time, and it feels so very real when you wake up, as if you really did go for a visit. You wake up smiling and wishing that you would have remained asleep so you could have stayed wherever it was longer.  Dreams about meeting up with ex-spouses are not included in this group, those dreams usually fall into the category of nightmares. :-)

In contrast to terrifying dreams, are the wonderful ones we wish were real. It might be an amazing romantic encounter, a new job, or even possibly a visit from someone who has passed over into the spirit world.  I have had several dreams about my Grandma in recent years.  Although she lived well into her 90's, and that's the way I remember her best, in these dreams she is young, and beautiful and strong - the trait I always so admired in her - and she comes to comfort and encourage me.  She is always smiling and reassuring.  I wish I could capture her dream image in a picture to see how it compares to the photographs I have of her when she was young, and a widowed mother of four sons, raising them and running a farm on her own.  The lovely image of her in my dreams always fades immediately upon awakening and I can only remember how good it felt to see her again.

Dreams are obviously complex, the reasons behind them complicated and varied. Some we would like to erase from our minds if we could, some we treasure, but I will gladly endure the rare terrifying ones as a trade off for the delightful ones that leave me smiling whenever I think about them. How about you, have you had any good dreams lately?  Why don't you share them with us over at Monday Memories.  You can add a link there anytime this week!


  1. I don't remember too many of my dreams.
    Lat week I recall one I had. It was about my resident ghost. It was playing with papers and so we locked up Honeyman's ball cards so the ghost couldn't mess with them.
    Which is silly, but that was my dream.

  2. For me, I believe I am partially precognitive on some things. I have amazingly vivid dreams and frequently are woke up and can't go back to sleep.

    What interesting (yet terrifying) memories.


  3. I'm sure many of us could relate to this post, I know I do.

    The nice thing about having recurring nightmares is, I was able to mentally prepare for them, which eventually led me to recognize that I was in the middle of a dream and grab the reigns so to speak. (Also known as "lucid dreaming").

    They completely lost their strength and went away after that.

  4. When I was young (like five or six) I remember a dream where the animals in the zoo escaped and I ahd to save them.

    I have a recurrence of that dream still in different forms -- but always, it's the animals escape and I must help save them and the world. :)


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