G is for Ghost

I originally posted this story in 2009.  I decided to repost it for the A-Z Blogging Challenge because I think it's a fun read, and yes... it is a true story!

We have a frequent guest at our home. We note her visits in spousal shorthand..."The ghostlight was on when I came home today."

Several years ago, my husband's wife of many years died tragically from an aneurysm. He was away at the time it happened and never had the chance to say goodbye. He wishes that he would have told her more often how much he loved her. (A good reminder for all of us and the people that we love.)

Not long after her passing, the lamp on the table on her side of the bed began coming on spontaneously. He believes that it was her reassuring him that love transcends life and that she was watching over him. When he remarried and moved to his new wife's home their bedside lamps (which were hers, not the ones he had previously) also came on from time to time - and always the one by her side of the bed. Sometimes it even came on when one of them was standing in the room!

Some years later this beloved wife died after a long battle with cancer, and in God's time John met me and we moved into our new home to begin a life together. This time a pair of bed lamps I owned grace the tables beside our bed, yet we continue to find the light on my side of the bed burning brightly on occasion when we return from work. Sometimes this also occurs while we are at home but in another room.

One night I noted to John that it was interesting the bedroom light has continued to come on spontaneously despite the changes in both houses and lamps, and that no other lights ever come on. The next morning when we awoke the lamp by my chair in the living room was on... this lamp was the bedside lamp at his previous home! I had to chuckle, because I guess she was listening. :-) It has not come on since. It is also interesting to note that all three sets of lamps were/are "touch lights" the kind that don't have a switch. There really is no pattern or time frame for these occurrences, it's very random. Sometimes it happens often, and sometimes not for a couple weeks.

There is a very peaceful feeling in the bedroom when I find the light on, never scary or intimidating. In fact one day when I was home from work miserably sick with the flu and feeling down, I headed back to bed after being up for a little while to find the ghostlight shining. It tells me that she is happy with the love I have for John and that she cares about me too. I always greet our ghostly angel with "Hi Sweetie", and John says to her "I love you too, Darlin'." She is welcome in our home and I hope her light continues to shine now and then for all the years to come... it testifies to our belief that love is eternal.

EPILOGUE (July 2009)
It's been over a month since the ghostlight has come on. Last evening all three of John's daughters, their spouses, and four of the grandchildren were gathered in our living room visiting. It's the first time they've all been together since the funeral of John's previous wife. It was a lovely evening with storytelling, photo sharing, and much laughter.

John went back to our bedroom for something and then called to me. I went to our room to find the ghostlight shining brightly. What a warm feeling! We smiled at each other, knowing that it truly was a family gathering in every sense of the word... the girls' mother had come to join us. :-)


  1. Sounds like all of you are gracious souls.
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  2. I remember the story! It's one of the most comforting I ever read.

  3. I remember the original telling. And I love that it came back on with such eloquent timing.

  4. What an amazing story. Thank you for sharing. I'm stopping by from the A to Z challenge and I look forward to reading more from you.

  5. Heartwarming ghost story (I use the word spirit) and I'm pleased to hear she is a loving spirit.

  6. What a wonderful story.

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  7. What a beautiful story and what a beautiful heart you have Josie.


  8. Hi Josie.
    Lovely to read your blog through the A-Z challenge.
    Yours is a great story with a wonderful ending!

  9. What a beautiful story. How lucky that you have her watching over all of you.


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