E is for Encouragement

Today's letter of the April A-Z Blogging Challenge is "E".  In my life, E is for encouragement!  I believe that everyone is born with a "gift" or an "assignment"... some way to be of use in helping others.  Helping others IS the real meaning or purpose to life. We are here to share the journey! 

While I have no special talents, I learned many years ago that one thing I can do fairly well is to encourage people, to share a comment or a smile or something that will uplift them and make them feel better if even for a moment,  or find the strength to face another day.  It's easy, and it's fun.  Nothing makes you feel better than helping someone else feel better.  Sometimes when we are really down, all we need is one person's words or act of kindness to give us hope for better times ahead.

That being said, my blog post for this week's edition of  Write A Letter Wednesday is a a letter of encouragement to someone I care about...

Dear "P",

I'm thinking about you as I write this, I think about you often.  I know what a traumatic year this has been since the tragic loss of your brother.  I know how hard you've struggled to make sense of it all, to try to understand why bad things happen to people we love, and why sometimes we cannot save people from themselves, no matter how much we care and how hard we try.  I know too that each person mourns in their own way and in their own time, it can't be rushed, and it is wrong for people to try to dissuade you or dismiss the depth of your feelings and sorrow.  I have known you for a long time, and I am certain that as time passes you will find your way again.

There are a couple things I want to tell you though, to make sure you know for certain.  One is that your brother loved you deeply, and that love certainly transcends the time and space between you.  He is ok now, he is back home in the arms of our loving Creator, back in the spirit realm with family and loved ones, and seeing the whole picture clearly again.  How I wish we were able to even catch a tiny glimpse of the full reality of our lives while we were still here on earth!  You do not need to worry about his soul being in torment, regardless of what they naysayers and religionists will tell you.  I am telling you he is at peace now, and one with the universe.  Nor is he far away, he is often close to you, watching, caring, finding little ways to let  you know you are not alone. We are never truly alone. Our angels and loved ones who have passed over are always surrounding us!

Another thing I want you to understand is that you are not to blame for your brother's choice,  it is not a failure on your part that you couldn't save him from himself.  You did all you possibly could to convince him life was worth hanging on to, that hope still existed, that things could and would change.  He did not choose death because of what you did,  or what anyone else did or didn't do. He chose death as  way to escape his own internal pain.  He could not see beyond the hell of his own existence.  He understands now that it was the wrong choice, that it was part of his learning. He has been forgiven, released.  It it up to you now to forgive him and release him from the chains of your grief.  Set him free, release him with love, let his spirit fly free in the knowledge that you are going to be ok.

You have many people who care about you and love  you.  We stand by to take your hand and to walk with you, to talk with you when you need to talk, and to sit in silence when you need the silence.  To hold you and to help you begin to greet each  new day with a tiny glimmer of hope for the return of happiness.

We both know that your life is ever-changed, and  you will always have a place of sadness, and a sense of loss.  But again, I assure you this is temporary, it is only a moment in eternity until you meet again!

I know that if we were to ask him, what your brother would want most for you is to see you smile again, to see you run and laugh and play.  How he loved your bubbling laughter - as we all do!  He is surely sharing in  your excitement over the child growing within you, a child you had been told you would never conceive.  Doctors don't know everything do they? But God does!  We are witness to a miracle here! This little one is a gift of life, a message that life goes on, and we must too.  You will make an amazing mother, and when your little one has grown bigger,  you can show him or her pictures of her uncle and tell stories of the wonderful times and memories you shared!  In that way, he will also be lifted up in love! Treasure those memories, they are real, and precious.  They are gifts to help the healing.

"P", I think you are an amazing woman, stronger than even  you realize.  Look at all you've come thru in  life!  Like me, you are a survivor.  By being this we teach our children and our friends that real women stand up and move forward, one day at a time, sometimes one baby step at a time, but we carry on. We choose life, and it is good!

I can't wait to hold that baby in my arms! I too am hoping it's a little boy, with beautiful eyes similar to ones you will remember.  But I know that whatever child God graces you with, your life will change in the most magical and wondrous ways. Being a Mom does that!  I am going to sit back and smile and watch  you in this new role, and I'm going to cherish the friendship that I have with you, ever and always!

Spring has come, life begins once again, we light a candle, say a prayer, and step from darkness into the new season.  Blessings to you and to those you love, as you are a blessing in our lives.

Love always,

Josie T.

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  1. Nothing more to add, you said all the right things. Just beautiful. :)

  2. This is beautiful.

    and I have to add -- you have many special talents and one of them is found here, every day. Your gift with words.

    And your gift of friendship.

    And your gift of caring.


    you have many special talents my friend.

    You are special.

  3. I agree, you have a gift with words. Beautiful letter, beautiful sentiment, and beautiful post. Nice to "meet" you thru this a-z challenge.

  4. Beautiful! You do have at least one special mentioned above, your gift of words. Your writing is absolutely and without any doubt, emotionally deep, mesmerizing and beautiful beyond anything I can describe. I strongly suspect this is not your only talent, you're just too gracious to admit it. Today is Thursday and I'm thinking of you very strongly and sending healing and caring prayers your way. Big hugs, dear friend.

  5. You have more talents then your realize but I would agree with you that you are amazing at encouraging.



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