D is for Dentist... and Dread

This Thursday morning at 9 AM sharp I'm going to have a whole lot of much-needed dental work done.  This translates to three root-canals, two large fillings, six crowns, and excision of a small bump on the inside of my cheek, all in one sitting!

I'm going to a highly recommended dentist who specializes in doing large amounts of work at one time, using sedation (very similar to that used for endoscopy and colonoscopy procedures and such) to basically put the patient into lala land where they are still conscious and able to respond, but not alert enough to care about what is happening, nor to remember the experience later.  Sounds great... at least in theory. I'm definitely willing to try it, as a much better alternative than repeated torture sessions, to grind, drill, fill and replace bad teeth and old dental work. 

Like most folks, going to the dentist fills me with dread.  As a child our small-town dentist had to be kin to Attilla the Hun or some other famous torturer. He didn't like treating children and responded to fear, wiggles, or tears with roughness and harsh words. Dental equipment was a lot scarier back then too... big metal monsters with multiple arms that made horrible noises!  Obviously, those experiences imprinted well on my memory!

The new dentist dispenses a Valium to be taken the night before the procedure (great idea), and the first dose of sedation meds to be taken an hour before appointment time. My husband will drop me off and the dentist and head to work. They'll call him about four hours later, when they're almost done treating me, to come and  pick me up and take me home.  They issue instructions for him to stay with me for the afternoon as I will be groggy until the sedation is fully worn off.  My bigger concern is when the novocaine wears off!

My instincts are telling me that my face is gonna HURT  LIKE H#*%!!! But the dentist tells me that pain levels and recovery time following this multiple-procedure visit will actually be less due to the sedation, since there is less tension in the jaws, and the dentist is able to work  more quickly with less discomfort to the patient.  I so hope he's right, since I have to return to work the following day regardless, as we will already be one person short in the office that day.

They've sent in prescriptions for an antibiotic, and pain meds in case I need them, so I guess I'm as ready to face the ordeal as I'm going to be. The dentist and his staff are all super friendly and caring.  They even pass out soft, cuddly snuggies to keep you cozy and during procedures (think security blanket).  For what this is costing, they should give you a leather recliner and a case of snuggies to take home! :-)

Pray for  me on Thursday... I'll let you know how it goes!

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  1. Wow! I didn't know any place did that all at one time.
    I hope you make it through good.

  2. I just had an extraction last week and the dentist prescribed the valium as you describe. I'd never had that before and it helped SO MUCH> Then I had the gas *laughing gas* I guess it's called, and yes, I was very relaxed, didn't feel a thing, and didn't tense up at all. If I could get Valium on a regular basis I would do it. I have a lot of anxiety and that stuff basically chilled me out so nicely. It sounds like you have a good dentist. I remember the old school dentists as well. Horrible horrible.

  3. All I can say is WOW. But, you know, I'd rather have it all done at once that have to repeatedly go back and face that worry and fear again and again. I've had the laughing gas before and its great. I'm sure you won't feel anything at all during the procedure. Just follow directions careful about bending over (makes blood rush to your head and not a pleasant feeling). I had a small bump removed from the inside of my cheek once was part of some silver filling that had gotten lodged in there when I had a tooth pulled years before and my body basically isolated this foreign object off and formed padding around it. It scared me though before I knew what it was. God Bless and may the angels watch over you always but especially on Thursday, dear friend.

  4. Getting it over with in one fell swoop - with anti-anxiety meds and anesthesia to boot - definitely sounds like the way to go!

    I'll be thinking of you on Thursday ((hug)).

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  5. Holy cow - that is alot to have done at once..but I think it's a great idea. Instead of dreading the dentist many times, you get it all over with at once, like pulling a band aid fast. Keep us posted how you are doing, okay? Big hugs. :)

  6. I hate dentists. Good luck with it. I'll be thinking of you on Thursday.

  7. Boy that doesn't sound like fun. Hang in there girl.


  8. Just stopped by from the A-Z Challenge!

  9. Will pray for you. Have you read my blog lately??

  10. Aw Josie, you're very brave having that all done in one go. I'm too chicken. Don't like giving up control for long enough to have anything more than a check up done!
    Hope you're recovering well.

  11. I'm sure it went well. Please update and let us know, OK? You were brave!!!

  12. I hate going to the dentist. Sounds as though we went to the same dentist as a child. I vote for the Valium as well, it is good stuff. I had that once at the oral surgeon's office when I lost a tooth that was cracked to the root. I don't remember a thing once they gave me that stuff. I woke up across the hall on a cot and I don't have clue how I got there. Drugs = better life through chemistry. :-)


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