You've Gotta Try This, Mom!

It's time to do a little writing for Sunday Scribblings. This week the Sunday Scribblings prompt is "raw". This post is about things I've learned from my daughter. I'll also be using it for Monday Memories. Why don't you stop by both places and share something you've written!

I tend to be a creature of habit and routine. While I love visiting new places and learning about new things, trying something new is a bigger stretch for me. Most often I will order the same item off the menu at my favorite restaurants over and over again. The same goes with items I purchase. If I like it, I continue to use it and I buy the same thing next time. I don't go with the latest fads or have a strong inclination to try out "new-fangled contraptions." I guess you could say I'm not really the adventurous sort.

Many of the new things I've tried and come to like are the result of being inspired, encouraged, poked and prodded by my daughter. She is a die-hard comparison shopper, studying up on everything from food to technology in order to decide what the best options and prices are. She is definitely not an impulse buyer, and if she does purchase something on a whim, she's more than likely to return it a couple days later in favor of something she's decided she likes better.

I remember coming to visit her one Saturday shortly after she had graduated from college and began her first nursing job. As we sat at a restaurant in the mall waiting for our lunch to arrive, she pulled a small camera out of her purse and said, "Look Mom, you can see the pictures when you take them!" That was my introduction to the world of digital photography. Nowdays we all pass digital photos back and forth on a daily basis with our phone cameras, a capability that has added so much fun to sharing news and family updates! Gone are the days of taking multiple photos and toting rolls of film to developers in hopes of some of them coming back as good shots.

It was also she who first introduced me to the Internet, and then gifted me with her computer when they purchased a new one. After some initial frustration in learning to navigate, it didn't take me long to fall in love with the Internet, not only for the vast resources and knowledge available at the click of keys, but more importantly for the ability to interact with people from all over the world. In no time at all I was hooked!

Last year she was singing the praises of the iPhone she'd just purchased. Humph, I said. I think it would be hard to use something other than a Windows-based operating system. But then she showed John and I all the amazing things she could do with this new phone, and all the wonderful apps that could be installed. Pretty fascinating I had to admit. I gave John one last November. Mine came as a birthday gift from him in February, and I have to say I LOVE it! Easiest gizmo to use that I've taken on yet. Yes... old dogs can learn new tricks! :-)

Along with technology, she's introduced me to hair products, makeup, whole foods, cooking techniques, and food supplements. She's shared tips and products for pet care, garden care, household organization, and car maintenance. What I've come to know is that if she recommends it, it's most likely really good!

One of our most recent adventures in sharing and learning took place when I was visiting her last Fall. She'd been telling me how much she had come to love sushi, after being introduced to it by a friend. Humpf, was probably the nicest of my thoughts on that subject. Ewww, was more like it! Raw fish?? Who wants to eat that? It didn't sound at all appealing, but knowing that she's a pretty picky eater when it comes to unusual food items and tastes, I agreed to go with her to her favorite sushi bar and give it a try. She ordered three different kinds of sushi rolls, a sampling of things she thought I might enjoy, know that I don't care for hot/spicy stuff or over-the-top sauces. Much to my amazement, it was delicious... tasting so fresh and healthy, and so very pretty too! We took our leftovers home and had finished them well before bedtime.

While options for sushi in the smaller city where live are somewhat limited, I find myself craving it, and settling for the second-rate offerings at the local grocery/deli. Dinner out at Osaka's for the good stuff is a special treat. Who would have thought raw fish could taste that good? While I've made a sushi convert out of my coworker, I haven't been able to convince my husband that it's tasty. He agreed to try a few bites but wasn't much impressed, and continues to refer to it as "bait", saying it belongs on the end of a fish hook, not on the dinner plate. :-)

When I think of all the wonderful ways my life has been enhanced through introductions of things by my daughter, I realize once again how blessed I am to have her in my life. As parents, we hopefully teach our children many things as they are growing up. Isn't is wonderful that it works two ways, and we learn maybe even more from them in the long run?!


  1. What a gorgeous post Josie!
    I love that you're able to see your daughter as an equal, a friend and your own personal consumer guide. You sound proud too, to have nurtured someone so progressive and sharing!!
    Have a great work week :)

  2. I love this post for two reasons: daughter#1 and daughter#2. I'm already seeing the benefits of learning from them and I adore the relationship it seems you have with your daughter. Thanks for sharing. It made me smile!
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  3. Daughters are such a blessing. Thanks for sharing.

  4. My daughters introduced The Good Husband and me to sushi, too. Boy am I glad!
    And like you, I feel enriched in their company. So lucky.

  5. All of my kids have taught me things, some in the kitchen, many things about electronics, some other lessons that involved human feelings and remembering what it's like to be young. Our kids are good for the soul, you know?

    Hugs, Jos. :)

  6. Josie, I really like your post. I love bits and pieces of personal stories and what we learn by telling them, and offer to others by inviting them to see and hear our own experiences. My daughters have also taught me a great deal, and I agree with you, it's wonderful when that works both ways.

    Thanks for commenting on my site,


  7. That was a nice little essay about your daughter. She sounds like a wonderful person. I believe that one of the keys to longevity is the willingness to take on new experiences.

  8. This is fantastic post about a Mother/Daughter relationship. It was heart warming and so well written. Luckily I have an excellent relationship with both my two daughters and son and could relate so well to all that you wrote.

  9. This is a wonderful post Josie -- a wonderful mother sharing stories of her wonderful mother is a delight for all of us to experience too!

    Thanks my friend.

  10. Great story! By the way, my husband still hasn't gotten me to eat sushi ... and he's been trying for over three decades.
    Mad Kane

  11. My mom calls me economical :D but don't think I've inspired her as such in any way :) You are lucky that your daughter has inspired so many memories :)

    Leo @ I Rhyme Without Reason

  12. I love sushi too, I am semi adventurous with food, but prefer it cooked, my fav sushi is the rolls with seaweed salad in them. Now mobile phones, I put my first and last one through the washing machine. It didn't like that much. Hahaha.
    Thank you for your comment on mine.

  13. I'm always so happy when I can teach my daughter something new about technology. Those hours of reading tech magazines at Borders have paid off. I know my edge won't last. My daughter's always been so hard-headed about learning anything 'domestic' from me. I can't wait till she has her own place. I know she'll 'get it' on her own and I'll be so proud.


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