What Would You Do?

Recently I was talking with a friend about my ever-present struggle to find time in my life for the things I enjoy doing. "If you had more free time, how would you spend it?" she asked. That got me thinking. It sounded like the perfect topic for this week's contribution to Thursday Thirteen.

If I had more hours of free time in my life I would...
  1. Read more good books
  2. Write more blog posts
  3. Comment more on other blogs
  4. Send more love notes to my children
  5. Write my husband's biography
  6. Go for daily walks
  7. Start a new cross-stitch project
  8. Bake cookies for family and friends
  9. Renew my piano playing skills
  10. Make quilts
  11. Try new recipes for supper
  12. Organize my collection of photographs
  13. Grow flowers and veggies and maybe chickens
What fun things would you like to have more time to do?


  1. I dig your list, but had a revelation last week. Mum has recently had a hip replacement and I took the 3 days after she was discharged off work to spend with her.
    I discovered that I really missed work. Tragic I know!
    This week I have been more productive, have really enjoyed the experience of working and now see it as a choice (although financially + with a new build underway I'm not in a position to NOT earn an income).
    So there you go - revelation I tell ya!

  2. So... um.... what are you waiting for :)

    I love your list -- you've inspired me to do a few of the things on it as they are on mine too... though no 13 -- chickens? Nah. I don't think so. And No. 12 well.... I kinda like their appearance all shuffled together in a big pink tub!

    I think sometimes, we have to look at the thigns we're filling our time with and ask ourselves... does this get me more of what I want in my life? and if it doesn't... what are the things we can do taht do bring us more of what we want in life.



  3. LOL! I'm exhausted just reading your list. :)
    Mad Kane

  4. This is making me think. I would love to spend some time this weekend making my own list. Thanks for sharing, hope youre having a great week!

  5. I like lots of items on your list. My biggest thing would be to spend more time with the kids, particularly the mole-boy 14-year-old and his dancing/singing 12-year-old sister. The youngest? He's with me all the time.

  6. Doesn't this sound lovely? To have the time to do the things you enjoy? I would read, blog, walk, volunteer, scrapbook, and cook more.

  7. I'd love to do all of these too, except the baking bit (too complicated for me). How I miss playing the piano though. Reading - always a fave no matter how little time I have. Heck, a girl's gotta read :)

  8. Me too. My doctor says I'm going to have to make time for the daily walks.

    - Alice

  9. I'd defintely read more, I'm completely behind on my TBR pile. I'd journal more as well, I miss it.

    Happy TT,

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  10. I'm glad to hear you're going to read. Happy TT!

  11. Nice list. Thanks for sharing.

  12. I would definitely read more, cook more and do more for others.

  13. This is a great post, I think I may use the idea for TT next week!


Your comments are always appreciated... they make me smile! :-)