Tuesday Tributes

Today I'm beginning a new creative writing prompt called Tuesday Tributes.  It's a place to share stories about some of the good folks we know! As part of my ongoing effort to focus more on the positive aspects of life, I want to do some posts about folks who are doing something right. It might be someone I know personally, or some public figure from the past or present. It might be the cleaning lady where I work, or the head of a large corporation.

We all encounter people in our lives every day that do something we admire or give us reason to respect them. Why don't you take a little time each week to write a tribute to someone you admire. It can be just a few lines of poetry or prose, or an entire story. For that matter, a photograph with a few words of explanation would be great too!
You can add your post on the Tuesday Tributes page anytime during the week, it doesn't have to be on Tuesday. You are also welcome to share a link to any tribute you've posted on your blog in the past.

Be sure to drop by Tuesday Tributes and check out whose praises other bloggers are singing, and while you're at it, why don't you vist Monday Memories and Write A Letter Wednesday too.  Maybe you'll be inspired to do a little creative writing of your own to share sometime this week!

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