I've decided to join Lisa's new blog Celebrate Gratituesday that will offer a writing prompt related to gratitude each Tuesday. A thankful heart is a happy heart. Even at the hardest times in our lives, we should be able to find some things to be grateful for, to help us realize that life is still good and worth living. The prompt at Celebrate Gratituesday for this week is "Seven Things I Am Grateful For Today". That should be easy, and it's a great way to start a new month. Why don't you join me in counting your blessings and sharing them as well?!
Today I am grateful for...
Friends who accept me as I am - weirdness and all
Coworkers who rise to the occasion with a little encouragement
My loving husband who is also my very best friend
The wonderful adults my two children have become
A house full of feline furkids who love to snuggle
My circle of blogging friends with whom I can always be real
Living in Texas where winter weather doesn't last long


  1. A great list of things to be grateful for. I too begin most mornings with this, it does help. We tend to focus on the negative, I guess it's the human way, but if I mentally list out all the wonderful things in my life that I am grateful to God for, it changes my perspective each morning. And a grateful perspective is much easier to go through each day with, other than a complaining attitude. I often want to scream this to the girls that work for me, but so far, I haven't.

    Hugs, friend. Take it as easy as you can, I know your hours at work are very long. :)

  2. A nice take on gratitude. I'm grateful. :)

    Mad Kane

  3. Okay. So I was with you all the way... until the last one.

    Winter weather doesn't last long?

    Ha! Try living here in the winter-locked prairies of the Canadian hinterlands at the edge of the Rockies. Winter likes us so much, it's decided to snuggle in for a long, long chilly nap.

    Lovely list though Josie -- lovely!

  4. Josie, thanks for joining my new blog. I find that remembering to be grateful makes life go smoother because it is impossible to be grateful and negative at the same time.

    I LOVED your list. I've only just met you but you seem like a wonderful lady!


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