Friday Confessional

This week I'm joining the folks at Friday Confessional for the first time with an end of day collection of random thoughts and rants. Here goes...
I confess... I couldn't be more exhausted if I'd run a marathon. It feels like I have been. I put in over 14 hours of overtime in the past two weeks, with the promise of more of the same for at least the next two or three. So has my coworker. I'd like to say all that effort means we are on top of the game, but the truth is we are still mired in a mountain of paperwork and looming deadlines, as the two of us are currently carrying a workload that three could barely keep up with previously. We wait anxiously for word of when a new supervisor will begin. TGIF, but working again tomorrow, so it will be an early bedtime.
I confess... that it bothers me when folks gift you with items of decor for your home or office. Decor is a personal statement and should always be chosen by the ones who will be occupying that space, unless the giver is 100% sure that the items they've selected are something that would be welcome. From craftwork made by family members to pieces of artwork brought in to adorn office walls, it is uncomfortable to have to say, "thank you but no thank you", or to find a way to appear appreciative while setting the items aside. One thing I have learned over the years is that just because someone gives you something doesn't mean you are required to use it, display it, or keep it. A gift is just that, and the blessing comes in the giving and receiving, not always in the item itself.
I confess... that housekeeping, laundry, shopping and cooking have suffered greatly with the extra work hours leaving me so tired when I'm off. I must also confess that I much prefer to use what little time I do have to write on my blog, and to read and comment on other blogs.
I confess... that if I had my way, and plenty of money, I could happily spend six or more hours a day writing, reading, and commenting. Writing is my passion! Adding positive comments to what other folks write uplifts me too!
I confess... that I love cats as much or more than I like most people. If my husband didn't set some reasonable limits, I could easily become an old crazy cat woman with dozens of furry friends inhabiting all corners of the house. Scary, I know!
I confess... that I prefer blog friend relationships to "real life" relationships. When I analyze that, I think that's probably because it's safer. We put parts of ourselves out on our blogs to share with each other, but not ourselves in entirety. Blog relationships lend themselves freely to the sharing of confidences that we might not share with folks we have to deal with every day. Additionally, blogging can be done on our own time schedule, and in our pajamas, without the need to formally arrange time to spend together.
I confess... that the part I don't like about blog friends, is that they can interact with you for months or even years, and then just suddenly shut down their blog and drop out of sight.
I confess... that my husband is a better caretaker than me. I love him with all of my heart and appreciate all that he does. He is so giving. Sometimes I feel that I am too selfish with my time and energy.
I confess... that I wish I could be more concise in my writing efforts. Once I get my mind focused on the writing project of the moment and my hands hit the keyboard, there is no stopping until I have run out of words to say. I am often surprised that anyone takes the time to read all the way thru my lengthy blog posts... like this one turned out to be! :-)


  1. It's because you write from the heart with passion and verve -- I always read to the end, I can't stop!

    Keep writing my lovely blog friend -- and I promise -- I won't shut myself down and disappear -- and trust you to hold the same values -- I've discovered that about you through our blog friendship -- you are a woman of great worth



  2. I read it all, and enjoyed it! I hope things slow down for you at work, and soon. I wish I had hours to spend on blogs each day, but I just don't. Maybe I can catch up during spring break.

  3. Yep, you know I read every last word, too. I love your writing, I always have.

    I really hope that your life calms down a bit and that you get more help at work, soon! I know how difficult it is to find good, qualified people to work so I understand the time it is taking, but good heavens! This is killing you. Take a break, take a breather and enjoy your Sunday. Hugs.

  4. Hope the work settles down very soon. (And that your new supervisor is a good one.)

    Me? I, too, confess "that I prefer blog friend relationships to "real life" relationships." I'll take you over most any IRL folks I know any time.

  5. I love this post. I love your writing. I agree with so much you say. And the home decor? I can't tell you how many things I have given away that my sister's given me. She should have gotten the message by now.

    PS...I'll never disappear on you!


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