Free At Last

Here's what I have to say for Six Word Saturday...

A Whole Day To Myself...Freedom!

I have the whole day to myself today for the first time in several weeks.  I didn't have to go to work. I slept in until nearly 10 AM!  It's the first morning in a long time that I haven't woken up feeling exhausted. 

I spent the morning playing with the kittens... wonderful relaxation therapy! It's afternoon now, I think I'll make some breakfast soon. :-)

The house is absolutely quiet except for the sound of purring cats... I love it! I listen to phones ringing and the intercom blaring all day at work, so silence is heavenly.

John has something to attend after work today so he won't be home until later this evening.  I can blog, read, and yes - even do a little housework - all without an eye on the clock or any place I need to be.  Later on I'll head outside for a little fresh air and sunshine. 

I love having quiet time to myself... funny what a little freedom can do for a weary soul!  

(Last week's Sunday Scribblings prompt was "Free". I never got a chance to write for that, but it looks like now I have!  Better late than never :-)


  1. Sounds like utter bliss :). Enjoy!

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  2. Hi Josie...Happy Saturday! I hope you will truly enjoy your day to yourself!

    I love the picture that you posted with your six words. May I copy it? it just speaks to me of God's power...and the freedom He gives us!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  3. A Whole enjoyable and freeing, most certainly. Long time in the coming (weeks). Restorative and relaxing by the sounds (purring) of it.

    Wishing you many more soon. Love pet therapy!

  4. My 6 for you: "Enjoy every minute to the max!" Ahhhhh! Happy SWS! :)

  5. Linda...all of the photos on my blog, unless otherwise noted or obviously personal (like the kittens), are borrowed from Google Images. You are welcome to use it too! :-)

  6. So Very Jealous - My turn soon?

  7. Sounds wonderful! I dont know if I would know what to do with myself for a whole day if I got that lucky LOL

  8. Oh Josie, that sounds magical. I never get a few hours like that anymore. Pete has been on holidays for 2 months and just gone back to work, Mum is living here as is my eldest son Mike. I would just love a day like that.

  9. I love having days to myself!

  10. I live for these days, as you say freedom for a weary soul - we all need these occasionally. Enjoy!

  11. I do enjoy a whole day to myself at times too! Visiting from 6WS. I hope you enjoyed your day!


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