A-Z Blogging Challenge

It's time! The Blogging from A-Z April Challenge officially begins at at midnight. There are over 900 bloggers signed up to participate, and it's not too late for you to join us! The idea is to write 26 alphabet-related blog posts in April on 26 consecutive days, excluding Sundays.

Some folks have chosen a theme for their posts, or will use a particular form, such as poetry.  Some have several posts written in advance and scheduled to be published on the appropriate day.  Others, like me, will just wing it and write about what ever inspires them in regards to the alphabet letter of the day. Hopefully I'll be able to keep up and will make it all the way to Z by the end of the month as scheduled... we'll see! :-) 

The purpose of the challenge is not only to promote3 blogging but also to encourage bloggers to visit and become followers of some new blogs... in other words, a great way to make some new friends, and maybe attract some new visitors to your blog.  With over 900 participants blogging their hearts out, there's sure to be some great stuff to read !  This sounds like fun to me, if you agree you can sign up by clicking on the link  above. 

See you in the AM with the letter A! :-)


  1. I started early I suppose, being in Australia and all. It is so big that I have already met and discovered some great people and blogs.
    I havent planned much, I do plan on keeping my posts as close to how I would normal conduct my blog though.
    I cant wait to read your posts Josie, its because of your blog that I discovered the A to Z Challenge.

  2. This sounds like fun - and I would like to try! See you all thru April friend! :)


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