A Must Read!

I've mentioned my friend Louise Gallagher over at Recover Your Joy before.  Her posts are wonderful medicine for weary, battered souls.  Today she posted a poem written by her daughter Alexis at the age of 22, entitled "If I Could Lighten Up".  It's one of the most wonderful, affirmative things I've read in a long time. I'm going to pass it on to my daughter, and my sister, and my friends.  Stop by and read it for yourself, I'll bet you do the same!


  1. Thanks for the links. I will hop on over and check them out.


  2. Josie -- Thank you! I will let Alexis know too -- she will be thrilled! Hugs

    And do let me know how you're doing with my book :)

  3. I'm definitely checking it out! I love when I hear about something that inspires people!!!

    I'm stopping in to welcome you to the A-Z Blogging Challenge!!! I'm a co-host so should you need anything I'm here to help!! Feel free to stop by my blog to say hello or join us on Twitter (I'm @jenunedited)!!


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