Six Word Saturday

I'm going in to work this morning, making up for time off yesterday. I leave you with my Six Word Saturday summary of yesterday's activity and the way I'm feeling at the moment...
Dentist's chair... three hours....face hurts!

On a more positive note... my dentist's office passes out warm soft snuggies (the blankets with sleeves) to patients, since they keep it a little cool while they're working. Nice touch! They make lovely security blankets! :-)


  1. I love the idea of snuggies at the dentist's office! Sorry you were there so long - hope you feel better soon!

    Thanks for playing 6WS!

  2. Imagine! Snuggies at the dentists! How delightful.

    Hope your morning is fruitful and the rest of your Saturday restive.

    And... I got some books and will send off yours today! )



  3. Oh yes I know your pain! Been there done that too many Times! Get better soon!

  4. I feel your pain. I'm suppose to go back to finish my root canal but it doesn't seem likely. If they are going to give me a snuggie, go ahead and put me out! I hope you don't have to go back for a while.

  5. My whole family has dentist appointments this month. I'm sure by the end of March I'll be ready to pull teeth or hair! Sorry your visit sucked!
    Happy 6WS,

  6. Both hubby and I have recently been to the dentist. My crown cam off and his tooth broke. neither were painful...but we don't have dental insurance so we were out 600.00

    Big Ouch There!

    Hope you are doing ok. Have a Happy Saturday and a good Sunday too!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  7. What a great idea and for so many reasons...Snuggies at the dentist. Why were you there so long?

  8. Ouch! I sure hope you are feeling better. Nothing worse than a painful trip to the Dentist.

  9. Three hours! That's why I've been putting off the dentist. And, yes, I get that the longer I put it off, the longer I'm in the chair.

    First, though, I need to have the money to fund dental work.

  10. I loved your concise description. :)
    I hope you feel better by now.
    Mad Kane


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