Moments of Joy

Following Louise's blog Recover Your Joy has given me much to ponder, starting with the concept of joy.

At times in my life joy has been absent from the picture. I recall a time when a friend came to visit and asked me, "What have you done lately that was fun?" And I couldn't come up with a single thing in response. The realization hit me hard at that moment... something was seriously lacking in my life, that something being joy.

Even now, joy is at times a bit illusive. I am content, I am at peace, I can definitely say my life is now good, where once it was far from that. But can I honestly say I am experiencing joy? I wonder if my capacity to feel that kind of intense emotion has been diminished or damaged along the way.

I am not one prone to bold displays of happiness... my feelings are more internalized. But certainly there I times I can think of that I have felt better than just ok, more than just happy, truly joyful... delighted with the given moment in my life. From this awareness springs my Thursday Thirteen list for today. I give you thirteen times in my life (in no particular order) that I clearly recall as being moments of joy...
  1. When I was small and a mama cat brought her kittens to me. (I wrote about it in this post.)
  2. The first time I held my babies in my arms.
  3. My wedding to my beloved husband.
  4. Standing on top of Terry Peak in the Black Hills after making the climb.
  5. Watching the deer walking next to a cabin we were staying in the mountains as we ate breakfast out on the deck.
  6. The weeks I spent at Red Cloud Indian School with the children there.
  7. The day I saw my previous town of residence in my rear view mirror as I headed down the highway to being an exciting new chapter in my life.
  8. Walking hand in hand with my husband on the beach in the moonlight.
  9. Driving our Polaris Ranger for the first time on a ranch road with amazing scenery all around.
  10. My first experience with guns and target shooting at the same ranch.
  11. Adopting our cat Sophie from the Humane Society and bringing her home to be a part of our family.
  12. Eating a picnic lunch on the rural piece of land we had just purchased that was soon to become our new home.
  13. The rare but treasured occasions I've spent together with my son and daughter in recent years.
What have been some of the most joyful moments of your life?


  1. I think joy has so much to do with perspective. My joy is probably not your joy and vice-versa.

    I experience true joy every evening when I get home from work and get to do exactly as I please. Seriously. I often wonder what I did to deserve the right to do this. Again, seriously.

    In fact, this would be a good topic for blogging, soon. Thanks for the inspiration, friend! And big hugs. :)

  2. Not sure if I'll steal the idea as a list or just a general post but I was inspired by this post as well.

    But a short preview to answer your question, the most recent time I felt genuine joy was when talking to my daughter 2 nights ago. I made her laugh so hard she squeaked. Making her laugh brings me great joy.

  3. You've made me smile as I recall joyful events of my own. My most recent joy was earlier this morning when I was visiting another blog. The writer had posted a video of her young daughter singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" in front of the whole school. Teary, yes. But joyful, too.

    I wish you much more joy in the coming years!

  4. Joy is such a precious place to live.

    I know Joy when Ellie, my golden retriever puts her head in my lap and looks at me with her deep brown eyes and just stays like that for awhile.

    I feel joy in the morning, in the quiet of dawn breaking knowing my daughters and my beloved are sleeping all around me.

    I am joy when I let myself sink deeply into the moment and simply be present to myself.

    And then, there are those amazing times, births and birthdays, celebrations, watching clients at the shelter where I work shine in a performance, or at an art show or in the art studio, or having the courage to speak up, and out...

    Love Joy.

    And thank you for the call out -- you are special and I am so grateful to be in your light.


  5. I loved all these joyful thoughts and memories! what we seem, to share in common is that the simple things bring us the most joy... not necessarily huge moments or grand affairs! I like that. I think often people are expecting joy to hit them like a head on truck, when maybe it really tiptoes in on soft-slippered feet while we are living in the moment.


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