Let Me Count The Ways

With Valentine's Day coming up, this week I'm dedicating my Thursday Thirteen to my beloved husband. Here are thirteen of the many things I love about him...
  1. His amazing blue eyes - they truly twinkle with light and laughter!
  2. His wonderful sense of humor and childlike sense of fun. He's never grown too old to be playful.
  3. His old fashioned values and strong sense of right and wrong.
  4. His respectful treatment of women.
  5. His wide range of knowledge on so many subjects.
  6. His eagerness to learn new things and new technology.
  7. His bravery... he is truly afraid of almost nothing.
  8. His strong relationships with his daughters and grandchildren. They can and do talk openly with him about everything.
  9. His love for cats, and his willingness to share his home with them.
  10. His tenderness, compassion, and caring, and his romantic nature.
  11. His intelligence and the way he thinks things thru. His ability to take charge of situations.
  12. His size and strength. He is all man... he makes me feel safe and loved.
  13. His willingness to put up with me... it's not always easy! :-)


  1. That's really sweet and I'm sure much appreciated!

  2. Aw, this is a great post. #9 being the most important. LOL

  3. This is awesome! and he sounds awesome and you are awesome .... just a whole bunch of awesome going on! :)

    I think this is one of the greatest gifts we can give someone -- words that speak to what makes them so special in our lives.


  4. Very sweet post! He sounds like a wonderful man!


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