Feline Fanatic

It's time for another Thursday Thirteen post! One of my cats will be giving birth to a litter of kittens within the next week or so. She's been assigned to the guest room to use as her own private maternity ward/nursery so that the other cats won't disturb her or the kittens until they're a bit older. This will be her first and only litter, and we're more than a little bit excited about the prospect of new babies in the house! In honor of Daisy, this week's Thursday Thirteen list is a compilation of things I love about cats :-)
  1. Cats are independent, they choose who they like, we don't choose them.
  2. Cats are beautiful... soft and furry with amazing eyes, they come in a wonderful variety of colors, designs, and fur lengths!
  3. Cats are extemely flexible... you can drape one over your arm or wrap it around your neck. They can sleep comfortably in the contorted postions.
  4. Cats have the strength and agility to leap up onto to high places, gauging the distance and landing safely with amazing accuracy.
  5. Cats are sensitive to human emotions, they know when you're upset and they will be extra affectionate to try to soothe you.
  6. Cats are content to be near you or to rest on your lap. They don't beg to be walked or taken outside to potty.
  7. Cats are clean and tidy. They bathe themselves regularly and carefully cover up the evidence after using the litter box.
  8. Cats are intelligent. They understand most of what you are telling them, and they will teach you to understand what they want by their actions or various meow sounds.
  9. Cats are proud. If you scold them they will sit with their back turned to you to make a point of their displeasure.
  10. Cats are easily embarassed. If they make a mistake, such as loosing their balance while walking on the edge of the tub and slipping into the bath water, they will scramble away and glower at you for laughing.
  11. Cats are good hunters. They easily catch mice, snakes, rabbits, squirrels and birds. Even those that have no front claws can catch prey!
  12. Cats are playful. They will play with a toy mouse endlessly, tossing it about as if it was alive. They will chase balls around the floor, and chase each other, pouncing and wrestling as it if was a serious game of war.
  13. Cats purr when they are content, they curl up on your lap, shut their eyes, and rumble softly.
I think it would be nice if humans could purr when they are happy too! :-)


  1. A wonderful post, Jos. So very true. I am ever amazed at how smart and vocal and understanding my two are. They mean the world to me. They are my family.

    Have a great Thursday. :)

  2. haha! going by your list, i think my 2 dogs are really cats!

  3. You've sold me. I love cats! And little kittens. Happy TT!

  4. I love them because of #1. Happy T13!

  5. I love your list! I have a cat, and she's supposed to be my daughter's, but she chose me. We all lover her dearly, though. The photo of the cat - hope you're lucky enough to be owned by it- is beautiful!

  6. Ahhh, I see we have a bunch of "furkid" affecionados in blogland! :-)

    Yes, the photo above is of Daisy, though she looks MUCH rounder than that at the moment. Kittens take 60days to be born, and that's Monday, so anyday next week hopefully! Like humans, cat babies come when they are ready, and not always on schedule. :-) The dad is an orange and white tiger stripe with long fur, so eager to see what the genetic mix will result in!

  7. Oh, oh, oh! I love this post. I am such a cat person. I love all animals, but cats are my favorite. This makes me miss my kitties even more. We lost our last one last year, it has been almost a year and we are still heartbroken. We aren't ready to get another one, because it will have to be an inside cat--we live on a four-lane road. PLEASE post photos when the babies arrive.


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