A Tragic Story

The prompt for this week's Sunday Scribblings is "story". I'm going to share a story that is weighing heavily on our hearts and minds today...

Last evening my husband and I headed to a nearby city for dinner. A few miles from our house there is an intersection of two rural highways. We noted that Hwy 1788 heading north had been completely blocked off by orange emergency cones. We'd never seen that before and wondered about it, thinking maybe there was some kind of vehicle check going on or perhaps an accident further up the road.

Heading home a couple hours later, two highway patrol vehicles were now blocking access to that branch of the highway. Atop of one was a flashing message sign saying that the road was closed due to an accident ahead.

This stretch of rural highway is flat and open and not heavily patrolled, encouraging high-rates of speed. Drivers in our county and the adjoining one often prefer to take it as a "back road" for just that reason. Blowouts are not uncommon, and I'm sure there have been other accidents, but I've never encountered one that actually resulted in both lanes of the highway being blocked off for a long period of time. It didn't sound good. This morning's news carried the horrific story of what occurred.

A grandmother driving a Volkswagen with her three grandchildren, ages 8, 3, and 2 as passengers, was travelling southbound on the road, following a vehicle driven by her son and daughter-in-law. For some unknown reason, she veered into the northbound lane directly into an oncoming dump truck being driven by a 56 year old man. The car was dragged and at some point the truck overturned on it's side. Both vehicles burst into flames. Both drivers and all three children lost their lives.

Compounding the tragedy, not only were the parents of the children witnesses to the scene, but the wife of the dump truck driver had been following behind him and saw it as well. The news report said that her husband had talked to her on the cellphone after the accident, prior to the fiery explosion. He had been unable to get out of the truck in time. If you want to read the story or watch the video, here's the NewsWest 9 link.

My husband was a tow truck driver years ago, and tells tales of horrific accidents... coming home unable to sleep after working them. I can't imagine what that must be like for all the emergency workers involved last night.

I share this story with you because today there are two families... that of the parents who lost their children, and the wife who lost her husband, who are greatly in need of our prayers to help them thru this dark time.

We are not privileged to the "whys" in life, or what the purpose of such a horrific tragedy could be, but it is a sobering reminder to all of us to treasure those we love, and to make sure we never, ever part on anything but loving terms. We never know at what moment they could be taken from us.

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  1. Oh Josie. How tragic. My heart weeps for everyone involved.

  2. So very sad and tragic and unfathomable. Prayers for all.

  3. Just horrific, I have goose bumps. So so sad for everyone. Those poor people. Such devastation, they do need prayers. It's so difficult to wrap my head around this whole accident.

  4. We hide ourselves in fiction and are aghast at the truth. Accidents happen so easily and the consequences are appalling for so many.

    Thank you for waking us up from our dream world to be reminded of the occasional real horrors of life happening all around us.

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  6. Very sobering piece. My heart goes out to all the survivors who helplessly watched. Thanks for the reminder that every moment is precious.

  7. How horrible! And I'm saddened, too, but one comment. Now I'm doubly saddened.

  8. Sobering and so sad. A tragedy for all involved. Life is fleeting and this story is a lesson in living life to the fullest while we have it. Well spoken, Josie.

  9. Horrifically sad story. But a good message in the penultimate paragraph.


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