Write A Letter Wednesday

With the advent of email, texting, Facebook and Twitter, letter writing has become nearly a lost art. Gone are the days of going to the mailbox in hopes of finding an envelope containing crisply folded pages of precious words from your mother, or lover, or friend. Many of us have tucked away such treasures in boxes or drawers to reread again and again as the years pass by. A message saved in the computer just doesn't have the same feeling as knowing the letter you are holding in your hands was also held by the person who wrote to you.

It's a busy world, and our lives run on overdrive. Communications are short and to the point. Not a lot of time for reflection or sweet sentiments. With that in mind, I'm beginning a weekly meme called Write A Letter Wednesday with the purpose being to write a letter to someone you've been thinking of. It might be a family member or a far away friend, a past teacher, or someone you've had a falling out with. It might be a disgruntled missive to a business or service that has disappointed you. There may even be things you'd like to say to your younger or older self! Sending your letter off in the mail is optional (and in some cases ill-advised or impossible), though who knows... you just might be motivated to do so!

I intend to write a letter weekly and post it on the Write A Letter Wednesday blog on Wednesday or thereabouts. I'd be happy to have you join me. If you'd like to share your letter, add your link in Mr. Linky there. It doesn't have to be on Wednesday, write when the spirit moves you! Be sure to visit the other bloggers who are participating in Write a Letter Wednesday and share some comments and encouragement!

Happy letter writing... take your time and enjoy it... see you at Write A Letter Wednesday!


  1. Hi Josie - my link is to a letter I wrote my Mum late last year

  2. This is a wonderful suggestion. I often write a letter to a dear friend that lives in northern Virginia. She usually calls me after receiving it to say she read every.single.word, twice. It thrills my heart.

    The youth of today will not have the historical documentation that past generations have had with diaries, letters and even post cards. My mom has all the letters my dad wrote her while he was in Europe during WWII. She has offered them to me, but I am choose to wait to read them, because she is still living and I want to preserve their privacy.

    As a part of a class I took at church last year I wrote a very difficult, yet passionate letter, then I burned it. Letter writing has a way of cleansing the heart.

  3. Great, Louise, I'll look forward to seeing what you write!

  4. Loz, this was a powerful letter, thank you for sharing it with us! There are so many things I'd like to say to both my Mom and Dad if they were alive, maybe that will be future letters for this meme.

  5. You are right Tee. I have done writing exercises like that too, and they are indeed cathartic. For me, all writingk, especially blogging is great therapy. And sharing with each other is the frosting on the cake! I hope you'll consider writing a letter to share here each week!


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