Where I Would Rather Be

It is day four of camping out at the hospital where my husband is a patient following knee replacement surgery. Thankfully, we'll be going home tomorrow. Home has never sounded better! Since I am eager to depart this place of overcrowding and under-staffing, unforgiving beds and lounge chairs, unpalatable meal trays that arrive two hours late with cold food, and lights that come on at 5 AM for easy vampire access, it is only suitable that my Thursday Thirteen list for this week is of thirteen places I'm much rather be (in random order)...
  1. At a cabin in the mountains watching deer feed by the stream
  2. At an ocean beach watching the sunset hand in hand with my husband
  3. Sitting in a lodge by a roaring fireplace, watching snow fall outside the window
  4. Curled up in a big chair with a warm blanket and a good book, surrounded by my beloved furkids
  5. At a powwow late at night, falling asleep to heartbeat of drums
  6. Fishing on the edge of a quiet lake or river bank
  7. Engaged in an intense conversation about life with a treasured friend
  8. Walking thru flower gardens watching my husband take photographs
  9. Enjoying the smell of cookies baking or fudge cooking on the stove
  10. Boating thru a cypress bog observing the fauna and flora
  11. At my daughter or son's house enjoying their company and observing the awesome adults they've become
  12. Soaking in our hot tub on the back deck under the canopy of stars
  13. Home, in my own nice comfy bed, snuggled next to my husband
Now head on over to Thursday Thirteen and see what other lists have been written, and maybe add one of your own!


  1. Those all sound wonderful. (Well except for the fishing, I don't eat fish so that particular doesn't do it for me LOL.)

    Glad to hear that John's doing well and will be going home soon.


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  2. Glad to hear it! ANY place is better than a hospital! I detest thwm.

  3. Love your list!

    And hope the recovery goes smoothly.


    PS -- thank you for your beautiful comments on my blog. I too love that we have connected -- I feel like I have met a kindred soul sharing the path to enlightenment through living in the rapture of the every day.


  4. My husband had total knee replacement mid-November at a hospital 6 hours from our home. He spent four days in the hospital (counting the day of surgery). I did opt to stay in a nearby hotel for the duration rather than camp out with him in the hospital. Trust me, it will get better. Eight weeks seemed to be the 'magic' time for him to feel much, much better. He (and I, as his helper) were religious about the exercises. They were the key to getting his mobility back. Lots of luck to both of you.

    PS He is even talking about getting the other knee done in the near future. Both were in need of replacement!

  5. Love your list and I am so glad to hear that your husband is doing well and going home soon.

  6. So happy he has done well. Now, here's hoping you're getting some of those 13 accomplished!

  7. I hope your dear hubby is feeling OK and that all is well after the surgery. Love your list!


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