Time Up

As much as I wanted to write this weekend, it just didn't happen, and now I'm out of time. Time is always my enemy when it comes to writing. In a fantasy life I could write for hours and hours each day and never run out of things to say... scary thought I know! But in real life there are other things to be done, and a beloved spouse who enjoys spending time with me too. So I have to budget my time and make bargains with my writer's soul, and try to fit it all in whenever possible.

Housework won out this afternoon, no more putting it off. I've only just started on what needs to be done, but it is a start and that feels good! And so my friends, I head for bed a little heavy hearted, my brain stuffed with words wanting to exit via keyboard, knowing morning comes all too early. But tomorrow is another day, and I shall return to write again! :-) Goodnight all.


  1. Ironic. I thought I'd be too busy and I posted more than I have in a long time. Meanwhile, you, being far more organized than I could ever hope to be ran out of time.

    Its moments like these that make me love life.

  2. Ah, those household callings -- I managed to put many of mine off. I did create a dinner for my daugther -- complete with to-die-for chocolate mousee cake. And I did get the kitchen cleaned up.

    it was soooooo cold here, outside ventures waned in the warmth of staying indoors -- and so, I got more writing done.

    that, plus the All Stars hockey kept c.c. occupied for some time! :)

    Look forward to your words flowing out soon!

  3. I am constantly battling time. She is an elusive gal. But the housework won't do itself. Looking forward to reading more of your writing soon!

  4. There's never enough time in the day. Not ever. Will I ever get to my book? Probably not. Being pulled in too many directions. Same as all of us. I do love to read your writing.


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