Tangled Web

"Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive."

"Liar, liar... pants on fire!" I wanted to shout it at her as I confronted her with evidence of her deception. But I managed to keep my cool because I had to, at least for now. It wasn't the time, but the time is coming.

Lie upon lie upon lie, to cover up God knows what... a sense of inadequacy? Why couldn't she just tell me the truth in the first place? It wouldn't have mattered so much then, it wasn't such a big deal. Once again I would have helped her get things straightened out, I'm supportive like that. But don't look me straight in the face and lie to me. Don't feed me anymore bullshit!

I abhor dishonesty. It leaves a nasty taste in my mouth. It is a betrayal of my trust and it leaves me feeling raw and angry. How am I to believe anything you tell me when over and over again you deceive me in small ways that add up to being one great big liar? I am weary of your stories that aren't exactly true, not true at all. Call them what they are... lies! Do you really think it makes you look bigger, stronger, or more clever when you invent dialog that never took place and put forth "facts" that don't have an ounce of truth in them? Can't you just once tell the truth about something and let the chips fall where they may?

Do you realize that you always end up getting caught in your tangled web of lies? The only one you seem to be deceiving in yourself. Any respect I once held for you has been worn away by the steady stream of poorly disguised lies. I no longer believe anything you tell me. I doubt every word that comes out of your mouth! I turn away from your rambling narrative, trying to decide if what I feel towards you is pity or disgust.


  1. Respect is like virginity once lost very hard to get back. Remember that lies are the liars problem not yours.

  2. Yep, ONE HUNDRED PEECENT agreement with you here. :)

  3. I would rather know the truth anytime no matter how hard it is to hear. Lies are so damaging. And the truth always comes out in the end. I always say to my son: 'Don't lie. It will sting you in the end. Even if it's hard, tell the truth.'

  4. So true, Loz. We cannot stop the liar or the lies, but we can stop our willingness to be involved with the person who tells them.

  5. JY, what amazes me is how habitual liars so often believe they have everyone fooled. Not paying much attention to the reactions they get, are they?

  6. I know you can relate to the bit of venting I was doing here, Jamie. One lie can be forgiven, but most often it seems one is just a warning flag that there are many, many more.

  7. That's exactly how I feel, Selma. Don't sugar coat the truth for me, and for god's sake don't lie! I can deal with the truth, no matter how devastating. I cannot deal with the violated feeling of being lied to. It devalues me, and it devalues the liar in my eyes.

  8. Oh Josie, I had no idea you were encountering the same as me until I finally came out from under the cloud of lies this morning and discovered your post from Monday.

    Hugs my lovely new friend. Hugs.


  9. I was stunned when I visited your page and saw that you had written on exactly the same theme. Cosmic coincidence for sure! :-) I was humbled by your post, a reminder to seek out the rainbow in every emotional storm. Peace be with you as you find your way.

    This post was in response to smaller issues, but the prevailing posture of dishonesty in a friend. Typically, I get angry, I vent (ok, blow up :-), and then I get over it. Writing is good therapy for me!


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