Required Learning

For this week's Thursday Thirteen I decided to make a list of thirteen classes I think should be required learning for graduation into adulthood...
  1. Learning to Love Yourself
  2. Learning to Cope With Change
  3. Making Good Choices
  4. Getting Your Priorities Straight
  5. Real Love Doesn't Hurt
  6. Relationships Are Not Maintenance Free
  7. Learning to Budget... Needs vs Wants
  8. Learning to Live With Less Stuff
  9. When to Put Down the Cellphone
  10. How to Look Your Age and Love It
  11. Practicing What You Preach
  12. Prayer Changes Things
  13. How to Live Life One Day At a Time
What classes would you like to see added to this list?
(Head over to Thursday Thirteen to check out some more good lists... and add one of your own! )


  1. Somewhat superficial, but I would add a class on domesticity covering the following topics:

    Changing toilet rolls (and placing the empty in the bin);
    The joys of a made bed;
    Picking up your own washing from your floor will not cause an incurable disease;
    How to fill out a form - the whole form - without asking your parents;
    Creditors will always find you, even when buried head deep in sand;
    And probably the most important - the magic fairy DOES NOT exist.

    (can you tell I live in a house full of boys at the moment?)

    But seriously, I think every kidult would benefit from living away from home, either alone or with friends. If for no other reason that to learn to amuse themselves without a parent or partner to rely on.

  2. I'm with you. Lots of good classes offered. Happy TT!

  3. When to put down your cell phone- excellent!

    Enjoy your Thursday!

  4. Great list that covers most things. I think I might add something about learning to be happy alone before you can be happy with someone else, or learning not to depend on others for your own happiness. The same things, said differently. Also maybe getting over your childhood if it wasn't good. So many people are unhappy their whole lives because of this. Most parents do the best they can. Treat others as you would want to be treated? Learni to be compassionate. Wow. The list could go on and on. But it's a 13 list. Hmm. Good post to think about.

  5. Definitely some good life lessons! I especially think the one about cell phones should be required for graduating seniors!

  6. Wonderful lessons. I would add:

    Integrity is everything.
    Pain is temporary.
    Love where you are, because if nothing else it's where you're starting from now forward.

    Happy TT,

    13 New Year's Goals

  7. Hmm. Maybe Housework: A Basic Course in Maintaining Suitable Living Conditions. Or Cooking: Pasta is NOT Always the Answer

  8. A class to embrace diversity. People are more alike than different. We all want the same things out of life.

  9. Good list! I agree on all of those, except #12.

  10. wow - I really think you covered it! I'd sign up for all of these - or rather, wish I could have earlier - a few are still works in progress tho so perhaps I need refresher courses :) thanks for a great and thought-provoking list.

  11. A great list Jos. I wonder if these classes were required if our younger gens would learn or still have to experience it all for themselves?

    That fact is often the most frustrating fact of mothering, you cannot teach them, in so many ways they have to live it to learn it.

    Big hugs dear friend. You are the best. :)

  12. Excellent list. The only one I'd expand on would be one called "Step away from the computer", which could be combined with cellphone usage. I'm so guilty of that one. Even though cyber relationships are wonderful, nothing beats real life hugs and interaction. Amen?

  13. Learning to evolve - you don't have to have it all figured out by age 30. Or even 40. Or...

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  14. here i am ! bustin in to say a big howdy to ya joz! welcome back to blogland- you have been missed!

    good list here. too bad folks aren't born with a few of these already included eh?

    life's little lessons do take time i spose.

    happy new year- and happy friday !

  15. Josie,

    So glad to see you back. I've caught up on your back posts to see what has been happening in your life. Powerful insight.

    My addition to your list:

    To have friends you have to be a friend.

    Turn the light out when you leave the room!

  16. Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I love this list- especially the one about the cell phone. While I admit I am on my cell phone a lot, there are times when I know when to put it away. I see families out to dinner and the kids have their noses in a phone or video game and no one is talking. Kinda sad.

    Have a good weekend!


  17. Wow! So many great suggestions for additions to the list! I'm betting we could easily take it to 100!! I agree that these are things you often have to learn along the way, and can't necessarily be taught in a classroom, but to some extent they can be taught by parents if you start when they are small!

  18. I think the cell phone thing touched a nerve with many of us. Last Sunday evening we were at a restaurant and at the table across from us four of the five family members there were playing on their phones, including the parents! Only the youngest did't have a phone and no one was visiting with her. Good lord people... is this family time?!!

  19. I have to admit that I am an Internet junkie though. I'm on the puter 8-9 hours a day at work, though we don't really have time to play much other than the ocassional quick email check. Facebook is blocked, thankfully, or no one would get anything done. If I manage to fit in a lunch break I take my Netbook with me, and when i get home I turn on the laptop next to my chair. I tell my husband I'm multi-tasking and he laughs. I need to work on cutting off the power now and then!


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